IT’S not very easy to explain any ones life at a stretch.But yes not

even mine.It has heard the voice of beat boxing,classics,rocks and what not.

All I have never heard is myself not shouting and crying for some noise to not let me down in my own life.But was crying inside without any pace.

All i have ever had is my own smile, for not letting me down.

When i reached my 12 standard I saw some of my classmates fighting for marks, I didn’t know why?

Later I realized whatever they have ever done is just for “marks”.

I realize my potential not even now but yes I am sure that I am no less than anyone . BECAUSE THOSE STUDIOUS FELLOW MATES scored just as I did.

Nothing huge for them.But for me as I was an average student I started realizing my potentials and abilities and even where I always go wrong in my life.

I still don’t realize why my buddies go behind marks without realizing the importance of having a good “character”..

“Not even now no one realizes the difference between many of the developing and developed countries is not just education but also lack pf the so called CHARACTER.”

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