I have been adulting since the age of twenty one. Let me start off by stating what ‘adulting’ means to me. It is when I began to think about jobs. It was only later I found out there existed a difference between a job and a career!

I grew up the day I graduated from college. As I got my Bachelor of Arts degree, it dawned upon me that I had none of the things, experience or exposure that one needed to earn money. I had a degree that was not immediately employable in Bangalore. Thoughts about money and the whole idea of earning a livelihood was bursting at the seams of my mind. There is no clear road map that lays down the career path for non engineering, non science and non mathematics students. Why is that? While my friends from school went on to do non arts courses, I was left behind with an arts degree and a blog with rants, unsolicited opinions, and critical analysis (which I intently studied during my Masters in Arts, and was now being widely put to use for my blog posts).

I can uninhibitedly state that I am not having a successful career. One minute I was a straight A student in my class, the next minute, well, let’s just say, I’m on Medium (with unsuccessful attempts of writing on tumblr) with zero followers, writing for nobody.

I don’t know what happened. In my mind, I am a post graduate with commendable (if I can say so myself) theoretical, qualitative research and analytical skills. It’s one thing to be an extremely good student within the walls of the classroom. It’s another thing to get hit by reality after graduating, and beginning to build a career out of your education.

As the years wore on, I am almost completing the first half of the gruelling twenties. I have worked as a teacher and as a research assistant. I didn’t get to a point where I was a vital member of an organisation, neither was I, a content employee nor the most sought after candidate in my field.

Impeded by my own thoughts of complacency, lacking a sense of fight, and loving too much, the comfort in the status quo, I frequently visit dark places in my head (which, in no way is going to help make the situation of unemployment look better).