There Are Layers To Discipline

As a teacher, I come across various incidents that make a case for indiscipline. The dictionary definition of discipline is as follows — the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour, using punishment to correct disobedience.

Decoding Discipline

This definition focuses on external rules to be followed. However, in what manner a person behaves is directly linked to his internal emotions and feelings as well. This has been neglected from the way discipline has been taught, be it, in educational institutions or at home.

Firstly, the mental health of the individual also needs disciplining. A healthy mind ensures healthy lifestyle choices. Secondly, a disciplined mind also affects the treatment meted out to others around.

Jackie Chan: More Than Just Your Funny Martial Hero

During an interview with Jackie Chan on the Ellen show, he revealed that he washed his underwear while in the shower, much to the shock and disgust of the host and the viewers, I felt that there was nothing disgusting about it.

Jackie Chan: More Than Just A Funny Martial Hero. (Google Images- Labelled for reuse)

Discipline Debate - East V West

The people in the West failed to realize the real meaning behind such a statement, they are capitalistic. For us Asians, it was a normal thing to hear. No matter what reason you provide for that act, it will not do enough justice. It was neither a joke nor a way to save money. He rightly stated that it was a matter of discipline, exuding humility, modesty, and a down to earth mentality. Similarly, in the movie The Karate Kid (2010), the Jackie Chan as the mentor gives lessons to his student on self-discipline (makes him pick up his jacket he threw on the floor and hang it up) first, before starting on lessons about karate.

Discrimination In Film Genres

Welcome to the era of genre discrimination!Discrimination seeps in everywhere, into genres of films as well. Chan received an Honorary Oscar after two hundred films. This goes to show how little attention and acknowledgement Asian actors and their works receive in the world of Hollywood film industry. The man had to break several innumerable bones only to be bestowed with the world famous award that is not even aired as part of the main award ceremony.

Discipline Is Also About How You Treat Others

In the classroom, there are students who perform brilliantly in academics, however, they do not display a fragment of self-discipline, personal hygiene or consideration towards others. Which is why discipline should move beyond obeying of blind preconceived rules; it should also include disciplining the character and attributes of an individual such as kindness and consideration towards others.