Credit: Google Images- labeled for re-use

I woke up from a dream that put me in an introspective mood. The dream was about the best of facilities being provided at a dreary workplace. If one had an aerial view at a person in deep sleep and dreaming, the sight is not so encouraging as it is put up to be. There is a person who is having unimaginably perfect dreams in the head, but all that person is doing in real time is lying still, like a corpse except for the breathing. Around the world, the word ‘dream’ has high hopes and meaning of betterment from the status quo, attached to it. Quotes and motivational speeches focus on this word as a catalyst to greatness. Even atmospheric pressures are compromised when one talks about the threshold of dreaming. In contrast, dreaming is a sad affair when looked at from the actual process. They advice us to make a life that is more interesting than dreams and not dwell on the latter but, it is a passing thought in everyday life and I crawl into bed with an unaccomplished dream for one more night.