What Trump Could Have Stood For

Credit: Google Images: labeled for re-use. https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/24311159914

As we have all heard and, read about the profanity, on numerous occasions of Trump’s presidential campaign, I got to thinking how, in a hypothetical situation, Trump would get my vote.

~The main job of a politician is to be a people’s worker, and, not hold any office of profit before or while running for office. As a businessman entering politics, I would have appreciated, seeing an alternative approach to the issues. The atmosphere surrounding politicians is usually of hate, bribe, inefficiency and injustice. As a non-politician, there could have been a fresh perspective on how differently and more resourcefully, the government and its offices could run. Even while responding to the problems afflicting communities, a businessman can reduce the scope for diplomatic answers and, false promises, but, in reality, when a businessman runs for president, all we get is an extreme version of the absence of any diplomatic ability or decency.

~As a critique of the Obama administration’s foreign policy- Trump’s critique regarding the war on Afghanistan and Iraq, could have been a genuine and an intelligent one- wherein, a businessman turned politician could call out and apologize for the civilians killed in the air strikes, but, instead Trump has resorted to more fear mongering, perpetuating stereotypes and, spreading hate.

~As a viable dark horse- I rooted for Bernie Sanders, because he came so close to providing the alternative methods of viewing the matters, with a fairly applicable version of Marxism. Coming from a major political party, the Democrats, Sanders’ candidacy seemed rare, but, unfortunately and not quite surprisingly, lost to become a front runner in the elections. Trump could have at least, served as the bridge between both Clinton and Sanders, by acquiring the good points from both the candidates, but, we see nothing of that sort.