This is the first time I am writing something on medium that too about life.

What is life? It’s nothing until you experience it in a good or bad way.

I recently graduated from Nift chennai accessory design department. I sat for placements in Bangalore. I got selected for vm in a renown company. I was being told that I might get posted to Mumbai and Delhi. I was ok with the options until the first day of my joining I got to know that I have to go to Kolkata. (P.s Kolkata Is a very nice city). I was shocked , I was not prepared for it nor were my parents. I thought of putting my papers the same day but HR convinced me to stay till the induction gets over so that they can discuss and relocate me.

I was not being confirmed bout my status of posting until the last day of induction where we had to present our learning from the 15 days induction. I was quite positive about my presentation because I almost covered everything possible in terms of learning.

The day of presentation, I went inside and did my presentation, the first comment came was who did this for you or who helped you with this. Trust me it took me 12 hours to compile it and at the end of the day when I heard those words, I felt like crying the second. Then they said they only have vacancy in Kolkata.

I was shattered, all my hard work didn’t pay off. I don’t know where I went wrong.

I went to the HR , they tried manipulating me. Trust me I didn’t know how corporate works. I live with my mother and she was not well so I had reasons not to leave her alone.

I submitted medicals of my mother that didn’t help , so next they wanted to meet my mother in person.(to check on me)

Yes I know that’s too much. Next day I met the head HR and asked if it possible or not.

They said sorry and even I said sorry. I served them 15 day notice period and that’s it.

This was my first job. They hated me for no reason. I was depressed and dishearten.

But still life goes on. Looking for more opportunities. One day they will realise the fact that actually I was a good resource for them. Thank you

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