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Collaboration. One word that meant something to a few of us back in the days. No one ever thought that collaboration would mean so much to everyone in the current situation — how can we stay close to people amid the distancing?

COVID 19 has been causing as much of a behavioral and digital disruption as it has health-wise. There is a genuine want to be there for each other and resort to interaction in every possible way.

We seem to be missing out on so much that’s happening in each other’s life. Think about it — how many engagement announcements have you missed this year? Birthdays, anniversaries, pregnancy announcements, and the list goes on. I like how technology is trying to bridge this gap. Plentiful zoom calls, tons of stories, an array of tweets later there is an odd satisfaction. …

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I’d like to start the post with a short story.

X and Y were a couple who lived in a fairly undersold locality in New York city.

X was strong, bold and adventurous.

Y was sweet, innocent and good looking.

X was logical, Y was creative.

X loved blue. Y loved pink.

X was an investment banker in Wall Street and Y was a freelance writer working from home.

And they lived happily ever after.

All good? So, how many of you pictured X to be a man and Y to be a woman?

What if I told you that X was the woman and Y was the man in the story. I’ll give you a minute to go back and read the story substituting X with Lisa and Y with John. …

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Today shouldn’t define my forever.

I might be angry today, doesn't make me a rude person.

I might be happy today, doesn’t make me a happy person.

If I’m nice to you one day, don’t expect me to be nice forever.

If I’m brash one day, just give me a chance to be otherwise.

My mood doesn’t match with my personality and same applies to you.

I met you for a minute. …

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Before we get to talking about personalized marketing, I want to get to a short flashback. A few years back, my universe was vast but choices were limited. I was introduced to this beautiful world of virtuality and e-commerce. It was a roller coaster ride. Things were overwhelming — brands having their presence online, allowing me to buy whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted them. Everything was great. Except for the fact that, as an online customer, I felt, I was always being force-fitted into a segment, a group based on demographic and behavior — into a stereotype.

My identity narrowed down to being a 27-year-old, Indian, female, easily being pushed into a persona based on the average. …

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There is beauty in dreams, sorrow in reality;

One leap forward, thousand responsibilities to carry.

When the sleepless nights look back in dismay;

Hope is my only camaraderie.

My state of being begins to untangle,

The truth within starts to unfold.

As I believe and surrender myself to hope,

Time begins to flee no more.

In a world filled with dancing cats, polka dots, and harlem shakes; with Ed Sheeran‘s carpool karaoke video having 2000% more views than a SpaceX rocket launch video, it is quite a daunting task to strategize a customer engagement process that works amidst all the noise.

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Where do you find your potential customers? How do you reach out to them? How do you identify what they want to watch, read, and talk about? In true sense, how do you decode customer engagement for business?

This is what the internet is all about, people. A killer song, a stupid meme, a nostalgic throwback to 2001 and, most importantly, bites of dumb hilarity that come in 30-second bursts. …

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I still remember walking into Freshworks on my first day. A breath of fresh air. I sort of understood why Freshworks got its name, at that point. Everything around the office resonated young, fun and vibrant.

There I was walking in slow-mo, carefully counting my steps into the next big phase of my life (too dramatic? I’m warning you, I watch way too many Tamil movies to have a normal life).

Anyway, I thought it’s high time I shared the story of my first two weeks at Freshworks.

I’m going to list down this story in different phases. …

Through a Musical Journey and a Mystical State of Trance

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They see you sleep peacefully; or peaceful enough to seem,
Little do they know what you’re going through; not that I care to scream!
You are the mind, I’m the soul — long live this bond, for eternity;
I’m the soul that completes and protects you; let me live in a state of satiety!

Sometimes life pushes you. It pushes you hard to test if you have endurance, if you believe in your strengths, and if you are mindful of your weaknesses. …

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Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

With the next wave of tech revolution hitting the Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) Industry, things are evolving faster than ever before. Organizers are moving towards a holistic slant of planning and executing their events with the help of ground-breaking technology. The community is growing faster than ever before and embedding elements of collaboration, personalization and customization in the experience they offer. The MICE industry is carefully leveraging Business tourism as a way to mould their brand image and brand voice.

As far as the business highlights are concerned, according to a new report published by Allied Market research, the global MICE industry was valued at $752 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $1245 billion by 2023. Owing to rapid globalization and evolvement of service industries, the group market of the tourism industry is set to see mind-blowing heights in the coming years. So, this is considered as the best time to be involved in this domain. Also, it has never been more important to keep up with the evolving trends of this industry, as it has become a basic requirement for survival. …

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

While starting up an online business, the preliminary and also one of the most important step is to define your audience. In other words, to define your ideal buyer persona. …


Divya Murugesan

Content Specialist | Product Marketing at Freshworks

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