Mobile application for social cause in India

India is growing as a developing country, some part of it isn’t developing. There are are that 20% people still living without electricity, and still can’t afford a smartphone. Meanwhile, Indian Government is trying hard to increase the awareness of the social activity. And following that different government department launching a mobile application and making every possible way to help people.

Application to fight for children marriage

Bandhan Tod

Published: — United nation population fund.

This application is launched for Bihar, to stop child marriage. Child marriage is one of the biggest problems in the country. The aim of this application is to spread the awareness about child marriage.

Application for public toilet

Google maps

With the help of geo-tagging, people will locate public toilet. It will help people to find public toilet using google maps.

Application that tracks your pension

Defence pension info

This application is only for government employees, with the help of defence ministry this application will help you to track your pension.

Cross-border money transfer

Terra pay

If you are out of the country and want to send money then this application will definitely help you. It allows you to transfer funds across the world.

Application by ministry of health and family welfare


This application is launched by the ministry of health and family welfare to create a transparency between people and government hospital.