Happy Holi 2020: Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, SMS

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Wish You A Very Very Happy Holi 2020

Happy Holi 2020: Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, SMS : Dear friends, as we all know Holi is a very big festival of Hindus, every Hindu celebrates it with huge excitement. Holi festival is celebrated in India as well as in other countries. There are only a few months left for the Happy Holi 2020 festival to come, and as soon as Holi approaches, Hindus start preparing for it. Religious festival Holi is known by different names in different regions, Holi is mainly known by the names Lathmar Holi, Khadi Holi, Holi Mohalla, Basant Utsav, Shigmo, Yaoshang, etc., which are quite famous in North India.

Holi, the festival of colors, is one of the oldest festivals in India. In today’s modern times, people give their family’s greetings of Happy Holi through social media. On our website, you will be able to get every information related to Holi (Holi wishes 2020, Holi Quotes, Holi messages, Holi wallpaper & greetings) and you can share it with your friends and family, which is absolutely free. So you should be ready to join this festival of colors. Stick around our blog to get every update about Happy Holi 2020.


Friends, if you stay in India between February and March, you will see that people are excited to go to this celebration of the Holi festival. People are very excited to celebrate Holi by wishing for Holi 2020. Since ancient times people are very excited for Holi and celebrate with their family. Holi is an important Indian and Nepalese festival celebrated in the spring. This festival is celebrated on the full moon of the month of Phalgun according to the Hindu calendar. Called the festival of colors, this festival is traditionally celebrated for two days.

Holika is lit on the first day, also known as Holika Dahan. On the second day, which is mainly Dhulendi and Dhurdi, Dhurkhel or Dhulivandan, its other names, people throw colors, abir-gulal, etc. on each other, special songs of Holi are sung by playing drums. People consider this festival with great excitement with each other. It is mostly celebrated in India and Nepal. Foreign people also come to India to celebrate this festival, they come and have fun with Indians. This festival is celebrated with huge excitement amongst the minority Hindus in many other countries. The upcoming Happy Holi 2020 festival will be celebrated with joy & happiness in India.

Holi 2020


Happy Holi 2020 Wishes, Messages, SMS, Quotes, Images, GreetingsIndia is a country of festivals, people of different castes celebrate different festivals with great enthusiasm and one of these festivals is “Holi”. Normally festivals in India are celebrated according to Hindi Panchag. In this way, Holi is celebrated on the full moon of Falgun month. This festival is considered to be the festival of reception of spring season.

Each festival has its own story, which is based on religious beliefs. There is a story behind Holi as well. There was a king named Hiranyakashyap, who considered himself the most powerful, so he hated the gods and did not like to hear the name of Lord Vishnu of the gods, but his son Prahlada was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashyap did not like it at all, he used to scare his son in many ways and prevent him from worshiping Lord Vishnu, but Prahlada would not listen to one, he was absorbed in the devotion of his God. One day Hiranyakashyap came up with a plan to get the most upset.

According to which he asked his sister Holika (Holika had a boon, that she has victory over the fire, she cannot burn the fire) with Prahlada sitting on the altar of fire. Prahlada sat on the altar with his aunt and became engrossed in devotion to his God. Then suddenly Holika started burning and Akashvani, according to which Holika was reminded that if she misuses her boon, then she herself will be burnt to ashes and this is what happened. Prahlada’s fire was not spoiled and Holika was consumed by burning.

Similarly, people celebrated that day with joy and till today that day is celebrated in the name of Holika Dahan and the next day they celebrate this day with colors.

Holi 2020 Date

Do you also want to know When is Holi in 2020? So what are you waiting for, let me tell you Holi 2020 Date in India? This year Holi Festival 2020 will be celebrated on the date 9th March & 10th March. Holika Dahan will be done on 9th March 2020 & the next Day on 10th March 2020 Holi Will be celebrated.

Holi 2020 date in India Calendar

Holi 2020 Date in India Calander is listed down below, check out this date and remember the dates of Holi Festival. This Date is From Indian Panchang, mark these dates in your calendar & save the date in your mobile apps.

9th March

Holika Dahan Muhurta — 18:22 to 20:49

Bhadra Punchha — 09:37 to 10:38

Bhadra Mukha — 10:38 to 12:19

Rangwali Holi — 10th March

Purnima Tithi Begins — 03:03 (9th March)

Purnima Tithi Ends — 23:16 (9th March)

Happy Holi Quotes in Hindi and English:

Happy Holi Quotes in Hindi and English: As the festival of Holi begins to come closer, people start congratulating each other before Holi. People start greeting people through social media. People share Holi Images, Holi Messages, Holi Quotes, Holi Greetings, to friends and family. On this day Holi 2020, online shopping companies also offer breathtaking offers to people at the festival of Holi. Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Paytm are among these big companies. We love Happy Holi as well as Holi especially for children as they get new clothes and get a chance to spend and enjoy time with family members.

“Wishing You A Colorful Day A Colorful Life.” Color Your Mind With Positivism & Happiness -Happy Holi Festival

“May God paint the canvas of your life with the colors of Joy, Love, Happiness, Prosperity, Good Health, and success.”
―Wishing You a Happy Holi

I hope this Holi💫 brings you lots of luck♥for life and fulfills all your dreams🤩🥳 and desires😚🥰 ― Happy Holi 2020 In Advance

Red for love, Green for prosperity, Orange for success and Pink for happiness. May God Bless you and your family with all these colors, Happy Holi

Hey Friends! Holi is not just a festival of coloring each other but it is a festival of Love, Harmony and a sense of belongingness. By applying color to each other, we forget all the Old Evils and Start a New Life. Let’s do it. -Happy Holi 2020

This lovely little festival of Falgun… May your life be filled with happiness and colors… “Happy Holi”

Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet moments and memories to cherish for long. -Happy Holi!

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Top 5 Best Holi Messages for 2020

  1. Make a colorful splash this Holi to spread cheer and joy all around. Have a wonderful Holi!
  2. Paint the canvas of your life with the most beautiful colors of nature. Happy Holi!
  3. It’s Holi. Splash it up! Wash away your worries this Festival of Colours. Happy a joyous Holi!
  4. This Holi, get drenched in the colors of happiness and love. Wishing you all a beautiful and colorful Holi.
  5. May God brighten up your life with beautiful and joyous colors of the universe. Happy Holi to all of you!

Happy Holi Quotes 2020

Holi is a major festival of our India which is celebrated in Hinduism. And in some religions also celebrate lovers. On this day everybody celebrates this festival with a lot of pomp and grandeur, people spread Abir Gulal and other watercolors on each other. On this day, everyone forgets their grievances with each other and embraces Gulal and feeds them with sweets and wishes at the festival.

People meet each other and offer sweets as gifts of Holi, and greetings of Holi, giving Happy Holi Best Wishes and hug each other, removing the pranks against each other

May this festival of colors Bring a smile two your lips,A twinkle in your eyes,And a cheer in your voice.Happy Holi!!

May God spray colors of success and prosperity over you and your family. I wish everyone a Holi as special as it has always been. may the colors of happiness never fade and we all be blessed forever.

Make merry with colors on Holi and the rest of the days with the colors of love.

Blue is a song,Yellow is music,Green is dance,Red is beauty,White is love &Pink is for joy.I wish all these colors fall on you. Happy Holi.

Happiness is the most beautiful color in life which I wish should stay forever with you. Happy Holi!

Holi is the time to develop understanding and love for each other.Here, is a platform for you all to renew your friendship and to expressthe heartiest love by scribbling a beautiful Holi message for loved ones.

May your life stay coloured with colors of happiness, fun, and laughter.Happy Holi!

May your Holi be filled with vibrant colours and may joy, good health and prosperity come knocking at your doors this festive season.

May God spray colors of success and prosperity over you and your family. I wish this Holi is as special as it has always been. Happy Holi to you all!

This Holi, don’t just throw colours to each other, be the colour. Happy colourful Holi!

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Happy Holi Images 2020

Friends, as you know, there are only a few months left for the festival of Holi. People already have a lot of enthusiasm for Holi. People are eagerly waiting for Happy Holi 2020. For this festival of colors Holi, we have brought for you the colorful Best Happy Holi Images 2020. You can happy Holi images 2020 download HD from our blog.

We like to express our joys, feelings & excitement by sharing Holi SMS, Holi Quotes & Holi Images in 2020. Checkout & Save one of the best Holi wishes images in your smartphones gallery for the upcoming Holi festival.

🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃 🢃

Happy Holi ImagesThis Holi, Banish The Ravanas From Your Mind And Fill It With

The Lovey Thoughts Of Lord Ram.


Happy Holi 2020 Images

Let Us Forget Our Difference And Enjoy The Day Together.

Wishing You A Very Happy Holi.


Happy Holi Quotes Images

The Day Of Fun And Enjoyment Is Back Again For It Is

The Wonderful Festival of Holi. Happy Holi!

Download More Images Here : https://www.holiwishes2020.com/

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