My family has always been close. Growing up my parents had a rule that we had to eat dinner together — like clockwork we would assemble from all corners of work/school/our rooms at 5:30 for my Mom’s incredible meals.

This is hardly a new concept…for generations literally every culture around the world has had customs centered around food. In our house, no cell phones were allowed at the dinner table, and we all went around and talked about our days. Some days with more attitude and moping than others. …

Since the age of Martha Washington, women of the White House have been simplified to their clothing and relentless support of their President partners in the media. And not for no reason. Often, the First Lady’s clothes are the only thing allowed to make a statement at events — their husbands are doing all the talking.

I, along with many women, have waited my whole life for this moment. The moment where we treat potentially the First Gentleman of the United States the same as we have all his female predecessors.

Divya Nag

Dreamer. Do-er. Darer

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