How I helped myself with Pomodoro Technique & Now I am 50% more productive

That's not true, I can't lie on my first Medium post , but I hope my productivity increases, and this is what I am doing exactly now. I learned a little bit about Pomodoro technique and it can help you do more in less. well it can make you start something without procrastinating on it.

What is the Technique ?

The technique is simple, give yourself a task not tasks but a single task and 25 minute time, set an alarm for 25 minute and sit on that task. Sit and complete the task or run and complete the task depends on your playground (mine is computer so let me sit).

There are many other experienced teachers who could explain about pomodoro much better than me.

So its just a start for this small blog post which I started in medium, there will be more posts coming as I am going to use this technique on a regular basis now.

I have few personal projects which are pending for months now, I am procrastinating a lot and cannot complete them because I always keep them for tomorrow so maybe now that problem will be fixed and 25 minute a task sounds easy as well. it's not 30 minute its not 10 minute it's perfect and it tricks my mind. its 25 Minute.

It's like $199 logic, where the price seems so less than $200. the universal marketing trick.

So let's kill this demon named as procrastination.

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