Fiction by a “Fan”

Enough has been talked about the popular TV show Game of Thrones whose seventh season is set to premiere on July 16. With such an enormous cast and a plot that has been nothing but a roller coaster ride, it is hard for everyone around to guess what is going to happen next. But that has not stopped some fans from coming up with Fan Fictions of different sorts.

With all three of her sons, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion all grown up and the unsullied force that can thrash an entire city at her command, the Khaleese, Daenerys Targaryen, is the strongest contender for the throne. She also has scintillating Tyrion Lannister by her side and we all know what is he capable of doing. Also she has left behind her lover Daario Naharis in Meereen to maintain the peace; who is known for his love for the Khaleese and can provide her with substantial support if required. Many would say that nothing can come between Daenerys and the throne and it would be quite easy for her to claim what’s her by right.

With winterfell firmly under Stark control, after their victory over House Bolton, some are predicting that either Sansa or Jon could sit on the Iron Throne but that is highly unlikely. Many are suggesting that Daenerys will have to form an alliance with the starks in order to defeat the Lannisters and for that she will have to marry Jon Snow.

Petyr Baelish also seems like a strong contender for the throne; after he helped Sansa and Jon in their battle against the Boltons. Also, he is having quite a thing going on with Sansa. So, maybe, they two can get together and rule Westeros.

We cannot forget that Arya had left the House of Black and White, and Jaqen for good and made the ultimate decision to avenge her parents. The intensively hard training that she went through at the temple under the “Faceless Man” helped her killing Walder Frey. She could play quite an essential role in the war or might come up as the only survivor.

All these theories are way to convenient for everybody. However, GOT is not known for its smooth and stereotypical plot. It is one of the best TV shows for multiple reasons. Anything can happen in Game of Thrones. Time and again, the show has left us spellbound, after coming up with something we could never have expected. So, we should all fasten up our seat belts for the roller coaster ride that is set to begin.

Highly anticipated Season 7 will definitely bring a ginormous war. On the Northern side, there are white walkers ready to break down the huge wall and take over the land of living. From the southern end, Daenerys is marching with her dragons to claim what is rightfully her’s. Everybody is under the impression that this would bring an end to the Lannisters but in my opinion it would be foolish to write off the Lannisters like this. When it comes to treachery, deceit and ruthless decision making, there are only a handful of people excelling at all these. And, we know that nobody is more discrete than Cersei Lannister. It may look like that her back is against the wall but we know when a lioness takes a step back it does not mean that she is scared, it only means that she is readying herself for an attack. And, Cersei has shown us that she is an expert at killing people. She might not have a huge army, dragons or some mystical powers of some fire, but what she has is thinly- veiled sense of morality, which makes her even more deadly.

I think Cersei would be able to manipulate her brother Tyrion by telling him that he is still a Lannister and how he should fight alongside them under the Lannister flag. But Tyrion is not known as someone who can be manipulated that easily. So, to achieve this Cersei would have to get Jamie in play. Jamie would not be able to deny her sister’s over for obvious reasons and will end up trying to convince their imp brother. Now, Jamie is one of those people who have stood for Tyrion when nobody else did and Jamie’s the one who helped Tyrion flee from the Westeros when he killed their father.

After a long, dramatic and emotional conversation Tyrion would agree to go with Jamie, since all he ever wanted was the love and acceptance of his siblings.

We know that Tyrion had begun to form a relationship with the dragons. He is the only person after Daenerys who could talk to the them. Also the dragons started to take a liking towards Tyrion and when the war breaks between the Lannisters and the Khaleese and the former brings her dragons into play, the dragons refuse to attack because Tyrion is leading the Lannister front. This would left Daenerys and her unsullied army into shambles and provide a perfect window for Cersei to attack and she would come with a well-thought-out plan to defeat the unsullied and take Daenerys prisoner.

Meanwhile the White Walkers have ruined the North and left no one alive to be ruled on. They are accelerating towards the south to take on Westeros and god knows what.

This catches the eye of Lannisters and they start preparing for them. During one encounter with the White Walkers Tyrion finds out that Dragon fire can annihilate the White Walkers. Having all three dragons at their command the Lannisters easily defeat the White Walkers.

Lannister have won and Cersei has acquired the throne.

After the war, everybody died but the Lannisters and Arya Stark kills them and finally avenge their parents.

“Valar Morghulis” means “all men must die”. This has been used frequently by the assassins of the House of Black and White. Arya was trained by these assassins especially the Faceless Man”. But when she fled Braavos and avenged her parents she defied all the principals of her training for which she will be killed by the “Faceless Man”.

So at the end everybody is dead and everybody has served; “Valar Dohaeris”.

This I think would be the most appropriate ending to the show.

Feel free to pitch in your views.

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