Dark day!!

As the saying goes, We don’t know the value of people until we lose them. Simple things like complete Family photo, Dinner where all four people sit together and eat might not value much for everyone. Ask me I will tell how it feels when you realise that your Father whom you saw an hour ago was gone forever. Memories are still afresh, I sat there looking at an empty bed which was occupied yesterday by me and my father and mother, a food plate half eaten, clothes hanged made me believe that what we were told is untrue, there was some mistake , Man who met with accident a mile from my place was not my father, he might be father/ brother of Some unfortunate girl who was still awaiting his return. I waited , screamed , cried asked everyone to get my father back , but none came to my aid everyone failed me. Had I known that evening that my father was not going to come back forever, I would never let him go.

Not a single day goes by when I don’t wish I could turn back and change what happened.Today is the 6th death anniversary of my Nanna(Father), I miss him to the core, all his life he strived for our welfare he went far away when the time came to cut the fruits of the trees he sown.

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