Premature Ejaculations Or Difficulty Maintaining An Erection? Learn More About Erectile Dysfunctions

It is imperative to maintain an erection to be able to have a fruitful and satisfying sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is an embarrassing problem faced by men, when they are unable to retain an erection. Erectile dysfunction needs treatment or else it is impossible to have sexual contact. With age erectile dysfunction increases, but even in young men, at least 1 out of 5 men are said to be suffering from this sexual disorder.

Reasons for sexual disorders in men:

  1. Sexual dysfunctions in males can be of different kinds such as ejaculation complications, a poor libido, soft erections that cannot carry out sexual intercourse, brief erections or premature ejaculations, inability to retain or achieve erections. There is no age limit for treating these problems, even a 70 year old man can get treated for ED. People who are suffering from conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity also have problems with their erections.
  2. People who have a dependence on alcohol, smoking or drugs etc also suffer from ED. Diabetic men have three times more tendency to develop this condition as compared to people with normal blood sugar levels.
  3. Other risky medical conditions are like cardiovascular disorders, kidney disease, atherosclerosis and multiple sclerosis. These problems affect the nerve impulses and smooth flow of blood throughout the body.
  4. Blood circulation to the male organs is imperative for proper sexual functioning. So obesity and lack of exercise effects the blood circulation in the body and this can cause erectile dysfunction.
  5. Men who are taking very strong painkillers or other medications like anti depressants, blood pressure remedies or tranquilizers etc have erectile dysfunction as a side effect.
  6. Men who have undergone some kind of surgery for bladder cancer, damaged nerves, prostate cancer can suffer from ED. If the nerve damage is temporary then proper sexual function can be restored back to normal.
  7. Depression, performance anxiety, acutely stressful situations, lack of confidence and poor self-esteem are problems that can cause difficulty in retaining an erection.
  8. There may be some underlying psychological or physiological conditions that may be responsible for causing erectile dysfunction in men.

This condition is totally treatable by a qualified and skilled medical professional and is usually diagnosed by the person himself. Very rarely does a doctor advise advance testing like magnetic resonance imaging or lab tests because it is self-experience that explains all. The complain that a man is not able to maintain an erection for a satisfying sexual intercourse episode, is reason enough to label the condition as erectile dysfunction.

Many men refuse to accept that they are suffering from this problem as this is an insult to their manhood. This condition can trouble the man for years and years before he develops the courage to show himself to the doctor. This problem can lead to a lot of relationship issues and can be a main reason for stress and low self confidence in a man. But they can easily resort to Ramdev medicine for Erectile Dysfunction and get treated for the condition in a safe corrective manner.