The clean-up story

I think we all have those days when we decide to organise what we own. Well I don’t. But unfortunately my mom does.

The thing with me and well, any creative person, is one basic fact : excellent and productive work happens when things are in a mess. I’m not saying pig dirty, but the idea of a space that has a lot of things around you that could arouse some kind of memory or inspiration of sorts; when you put all that into your work, it becomes a lot more personalised and magic happens ☺

When mom cleans room ( her idea of “clean” is my idea of “omg what’s happening!” ), here are the top five wrong placement of items which go in the “not-cool” zone.

1. Placing paints on the top shelf

Nobody draws or paints on tables anymore. The floor would be the best place to make a vivid painting. Desks are for architects, not artists! So the greater the access of the paint to ground level the better.

#lowestshelfmom, lowestshelf

2. The clay and eraser fiasco

Recently I went for a workshop and I was given an eraser to be used for erasing any charcoal work done. Now this eraser looks great when you buy it but like any other, turns into a dirty mass of black colored blob when you use it. This one is even worse because it it just ends up looking like a mound of dirt thats been squashed together with glue.

So after an arguement between mom and daughter on the placement of the “dirty squishy thing” and me convincing my mom that’s it’s not clay of any kind, it was placed along with the rest of my erasers. Phew! Jackpot!

3. Unwashed brushes

This is the biggest dread for an artist. We paint, then we dream or maybe go get lunch and leave our brushes to soak in the water bowl, to come back to see the paint is still stuck on the brush.



Well I think I just saw too many of those today so off to the varnish shop I go tomorrow.

4. The pen pool

It’s normal for me to organise my pen pool in a way that I have the access to a multitude of pens in one shot. Every painting I do has different strokes done with different pens.

My own bowl has a sketch pen, a marker, a thin tip, a pencil, a micro tip and 2 kinds of paint brushes ( a paint brush is just another soft pen for an artist ).

Moms ordering of pens : sketch pens in a bowl, markers in another bowl, pencils in another.


5. Memory box

So I have a lot of trinkets that I keep at home that have no functional use. They are just a bunch of cards, hand written notes amd doodles that I’ve collected which become memories you reach out to when you run into them in the midst of your workspace.

Count on mom to ask you to check on them and ask you to throw out what you don’t need.


Alright guys so this is a just fun article for my #blogadaychallenge. It is a bit a exaggerated and my moms organising skills are good so I leave this to you as a fun read. 😉😉