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There’s always one aspect that most businesses fail to check off, to understand the difference between being busy and being productive. Bloomberg research states that 8 out of 10 businesses backslide in the first 18 months. The goal of the business should be to accomplish more in a shorter period. The importance of time management has been ignored but a few who managed to pull it off have reached their mark. Here are 3 of the best time management techniques for work.

1. What is the Pomodoro Technique?

Francesco Cirillo developed the time management technique in the late 1980s. This technique uses a timer to set…

The sustained suffering of the colored

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The indistinct chattering of the world could not restore the lives of 17 people of color in the United States ( Tanisha Anderson, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Akai Gurley, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, George Floyd, and the list goes on). The shift from San Francisco to New York was massive with subject to how the Afro-Americans behaved with their peers.

The bewilderment lasted a while not because the place was bustling but how the people of color were enormously temperamental. Now, I know the answer. They weren’t throwing attitude but being guarded.


Misogynoir is a term coined by the queer…


How anti-5G campaigners are on a looting spree

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The deadly disease that’s been turning the world upside down since Jan 5, 2020 is still in the news, this time for a different reason. The deep state of intellect awakens during tough times. When the world is suffering mental and physical trauma, conspiracy theorists are profiting from a hoax.

The recent news update talks about 5G cellular networks’ radiations being the major reason for the spread of Covid-19. The fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks has expanded to over 40+ countries.

Theorists use fear as a measure of profit

The Theorists are using subtle methods to make their…

Tackling your mind is not as hard as it seems.

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There comes a time in our lives when we start with haste and are progressing but one day everything comes to a halt. I started to write about a month ago and to write every day was my motive. I created spreadsheets, noted minute details, tracked progress, and passion then abruptly stopped. Why? because I was tired but wasn’t giving up.

I wasn’t new to writing but I was a rookie in tackling mental fatigue. Slowly my progression hindered. Quarantine got the best of me. I was infuriated about the current happenings. I stopped watching the news. I stopped penning…

What the mighty nation failed to teach us

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In 2014, on the twelfth floor overlooking the beautiful city of San Francisco, I was ecstatic. In 2017, I couldn’t have been more thankful for fleeing. Seems like Search Engine land discovered the truth. Google’s answer for “ who’s the king of the United States?” was former president Barack Obama. Google has never been wrong, not that I know of.

Back when I was in school, my friend came home crying. I hadn’t stopped to think about what could have been the only trigger. Racism? Yes, it was. A man who was in close proximity yelled “ Get out of…

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The Ai is taking the world by storm. Think of a day you didn’t ask Siri for help or have never been fascinated about self-driving cars. The world enormously revolves around the trend of human intelligence in machines. From healthcare to the financial industry, the Ai is beaming. The history dates back to the 1950s which started with problem solving and moved on to symbolic methods. Slowly progressing in 2003, the first intelligent personal assistant was invented. From robots, the Ai turned into a lot more in recent years.

Although the technology was welcomed and criticized alike, scientists feared the…


What the world’s information hub taught us

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To err is human, Google is no exception. 251 products and counting, the Tech giant is an epitome of success. Let’s think of a day when we haven’t opened the Google tab for all that we need and silently panicking when it crashed. Not to mention the number of people who have lost their way without the map. Processing over forty thousand queries per second everyday, how could it be possible for mistakes to happen?


Before we delve into details, there’s an ever lasting impact that the platform is trying to subside — Google is lowkey racist at times. The…

5 proven ways to evade blues

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Contemplating life? We’ve all been there, and myself, more of it. Life is complicated, yes. Life’s uncertain, yes. Life’s ridiculous, oh yes. Have we ever stopped to think what if? Someone once said life’s simple and I was bleh. Well, she was right. When you’re in hardship, ask yourself this.

1. what?

2. So, what?

3. What next?

It’s time to trust your instincts. Unemployed? You have all the time in the world. Sick? You’ll feel better soon. Depressed? The world is your confidante. Do all that you can, when you can. Dance, sing, laugh, get drunk and hit your…


Don’t let Quarantine take away what you love

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The clock struck 12.00, Anniversary in a few days but the windy night turned into turmoil. After a brief calm, came the storm. The wife wanted a divorce.

The pandemic has not left any phase of life untouched. With the rigidity of quarantine, divorce cases are spiking. Why would you do that to a loved one? because sometimes the right things always seem wrong.

Mental health has lashed the infinite possibilities of happiness. Depression takes over the major part of life. The suffocation accompanied by insecurities of a null future is draining every soul.

When you’re a writer you pour…

World background with a girl in front
World background with a girl in front
Image by Author

As a 5-year-old kid, I told my mother I wanted to become an artist. Her reply keeps me amused till date.

“If it’s meant to be, you’ll find a way”

Universe has its ways of communicating with us. Sometimes subtle, sometimes with a downright blow. When we stop listening or paying attention to these, we massively get into trouble.

“Meant to be” is not a term to be used interchangeably with “procrastination”. …

Divya Shakthi

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