You Know You Love To Read When…

  1. When you were little, books were your best friend.
  2. When you are reading a good book, you forget to eat or sleep.
  3. Your ups and downs are completely dictated by your books.
  4. The picture window on your wallet displays your library card, not your driver’s licence.
  5. Rainy days are better than sunny days.
  6. Your dream home is a library.
  7. Your “fun” is arranging your library for the hundredth time.
  8. Walking by a closed bookstore is torture.
  9. Every project has to include a book in it.
  10. You assume that a book can teach you anything.
  11. When someone comes to you for advice, you give them a book.
  12. During vacation, your suitcase is filled with books.
  13. You go to the beach with a book.
  14. Big books are better.
  15. You make decisions about people based on the books they have.
  16. Books are better than people.
  17. The smell of old books is amazing.
  19. You fall asleep with a book in your hands.
  20. You cry when a character dies.

I got an 18/20 on this test. Tell me what you got in the comment section!!

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