The dreamer.

She was always the dreamer. There were dreams she told the world and there were dreams that were never to be discussed. Her dreams weren't the usual, weren't a part of her subconscious mind. They were very much a part of her realities and they converged into her life taking over every corner of her thoughts. And there was something about the way she spoke about her dreams, for her it was uncertainty, for him it was magic.

She dreams about unicorns and radioactive elements, she dreams about the tea party at Mad Hatter’s garden, she says she could see the silvery waves crash against the shore while still inside the room, she sees the orange hues of the sunset while staring at the wall, and she sees the little kids smile at her from across the mountain. Her thoughts were so skeptical, but she chose to stay in that beautiful chaos day in and day out, because she knows she won't be happy anywhere else.

Dreaming was her superpower, and she was a form of the best things in the world. She was the sky, the sea and the stars, and every time he looked at her, she transcended him to another world and she was so beautifully unaware of it. The more she let him in, the more of himself he let escape, because he so wanted to be full of what she was. He was happy to float in the vacuum of her magically precious thoughts and dreams. She was capable of showing him many many worlds beyond what he ever imagined and he gladly gave up all he knew in his sole pursuit of exploring what she is made of. All these dreams she shared with him led him to mysterious worlds of stunning galaxy lights and darkness alike. The world warned him against the unknown but he could not help feeling mesmerized to see her follow her crazy dreams of no pattern. That's when he knew. Yes, she was always the dreamer, and he was in love with the dreamer in her.

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