How to get over someone?

So we’ve all been there, heart broken, left alone, some by choice, but mostly by fate. and then we try to find someone in whom we can confide and tell everything that we feel. But how much does it help? Well for a short time, yes, we do feel happy and relieved, find our peace but after a while we get back to the same routine of thinking about the same meaningless relationship .

When I was in high school, I really liked a boy, and thought we might have a future together , little that I knew, he was already dating my best friend. Sad? Yes! Couldn’t forgive him ,couldn’t forget him . talked to people, told them how I feel and whatever that is going on . Did it help? For the time being yes. In the long run? No. I was in my freshman year that I realised , why am I still holding on to all these feelings? It’s been a while and it’s not going to help me anyway. Then I sat. And thought about it. Not about my misery but about the cause of it. I tried pointing mistakes in him, his new girlfriend and what not. When it actually struck me, maybe there was something wrong with me. Do not get me wrong when am saying that i found the mistake in me. We human beings are incapable of finding our mistakes, we tend to put the blame on someone else.

If you’re thinking maybe she’s better than me then maybe she is but not in the same way that you are. Is a peacock beautiful ? Yes. Is a butterfly beautiful? Yes. Which one is more beautiful? Umm.. What? Exactly what I want to say, maybe she’s good at something, maybe you’re good at something, both of you aren’t the same. Maybe he found something in her that he was looking for, which maybe you didn’t not have. Big deal? Accept it . Some people like candies more ,some like chocolates more, just because a candy lover doesn’t like chocolate better than the candy , doesn’t mean there aren’t people who love chocolates.

Maybe the one who will adore you for your qualities is trying to find you while you’re busy getting sad over him. He was your past, and the future is yet to come. What’s gone is gone, we can’t change that. Cherish the moments you had with him,remember him as the person you loved, remember him for the good , forgive him. Forget the bad memories. Holding on to thorns will hurt your fingers, holding on to petals will make you feel better. So remember the good memories forget the bad memories. Move on in life. And if you’ve seen F.R.I.E.N.D.S , remember, you still have a chance, to find your lobster. So get out of that small fish tank, there’s a large ocean with lots of beautiful people. Meet them. Fall in love again.

People hurt, love doesn’t . The sooner you accept things the faster you move on.