Not Much of a Trump

Following the results of 2016 most anticipated election for The US Presidency. Republican Donald Trump won against a Formidable Rival Hilary Clinton. Previously it was Suggested by many Conspiracy Theorists that if Donald Trump wins the Repercussions will be heavy considering his expertise in Politics and Good Governance. The only thing trending all over the world is “God Bless America”. America is great, it has everything that other countries lack in both shades of positive and negative. What was the reason that people choose Trump over Hilary is still a unfathomable thought that arises in every person that is sound with The US Governance. People have taken their aggression on streets and social media sites like Facebook and twitter but if only the world could be moved or The Presidency of the first world would move with a step that is taken by so many people and at such drastic measures. Eminent idiom used in first world “ Desperate times call for desperate measures” is coming true for the most Developed Nation of the world. The coming four years will show what great of the decision it was for the people of The United States will they endure or Mr.Trump will change that with his existence on the Throne that Mrs. Hilary Clinton dreamt for so long.