Religion is opium of the Masses.

What religion was in the back old days of the world, Offering Prayers, Appreciating Gods existence and share its holiness with others. What has it become now, Genocide, Dividing Nations and the Extremists who kill to prove a point. Did we really advanced to so called 21 Century or we went back to the ages where killing was the only Sport. Even the Gladiators were a Warriors of Honour, Even they understood when to hurt and when to show Mercy. Following your Beliefs is Great, Preaching it in your Holy buildings is Great, Telling the masses more from those religious Books is Euphoric. But conducting all that in 6 in the morning to wake others up in not much of a Holy-day that it becomes in both the context is wrong. GOD is Omnipresent, They dont need your speakers to hear that you are praying. Yet people will lose their minds on the sound of the Speaker of a Teenager having his time out with Friends in his home. Not everyone is at fault for this but those who are, already called Godman in different places through the power of Words. They have been Jailed, Bailed and Exiled but the more they are Revealed the more they get established. Which lefts us with only one thing “Will the Real God please stand up”.