Thaw your Wools, Winter is coming.

It’s half past November and we have already felt some chilling sensations from all over the World. PM Narendra modi’s frightening decision to make Black money a relic of History at some extent has become with the most excruciating step towards Black Money. It was needed to Re-Start the flow of authentic currency which was shadowed by the very existence of fake currency and it was dominant in the market to such extent that people had no other option other than taking it. De-monetizing has been done before in 1946 and 1978 every time some higher currency was De-monetized with the issue of a new note of the immediate currency that falls after it. But this time, Government of India Introduced Rs.2000 notes for daily purposes. There was lot of rumour following this particular currency as if it was designed by Christopher Nolan with all the Signal Reflecting tech Straight out of Back from the Future Triology. Some criticized some admired it. Some were able to digest the fact that they can actually buy things worth1999 and get the never seen 1 ruppe back. While some complained of not being able to buy things because of the amount they are giving against the one they are purchasing. While Companies like PayTm and Mobikwik had gained popularity among the Techie-Youth, they have now made a mark with the less digitized population of India. In this one shot to kill the menace of society known as Black money PM Narendra Modi also were able to make people go Cashless but Digital. One thing is yet to happen the Promise of 15lakhs in each and every account is a distant dream. Maybe it was the best white bribe one could ever give, But looking at the situation now its win win for everyone.

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