As technology advances and becomes a vital part of our everyday life, the number of accounts and passwords we need to manage increases. Most of our sensitive information is stored online and it is essential for users to reevaluate their outdated or potentially vulnerable password management methods.


During the past few months, we have been working on the transition from the vision declared in our whitepaper to the build of an application. It was a process that required thorough research in order to refine the idea and turn it into a framework for a working product.

Having a restrained budget means that there is not much room for mistakes so we aim to deliver a simple, usable product that meets the needs of both basic and more advanced users when it comes to digital security.

Recent breaking news show that Facebook was hacked and at least 50 million users’ data could be exposed to literally anyone that wants to do no good. Think about that for a moment and ask yourselves, how serious do you think that is? Let us fill you in with a few details that you might not know.

The Security offered by Facebook today

Facebook is, in fact, the second-largest data-collection and advertising agency ever, after Google of course, and millions of users tend to put their trust in organizations just like Facebook, to control the keys to our personal life…

Understanding decentralization is the first step to understanding its benefits. So what is decentralization? There is no common definition but to put it in the most basic terms, it’s basically the process of distributing power away from a central authority or location.

The term ‘decentralized’ is often used in the digital world, especially in the crypto space. Technologies such as Blockchain are designed to be decentralized. Blockchain consist of layers and each layer is defined by an open protocol that can exchange and make use of data where anyone can build products and services on.

Bitcoin is the first and…

Well, what a roller coaster ride this was. With all that’s been going on in the market recently and the Ethereum network congestion causing the postponement of our token distribution, we can wave the flag of victory with confidence and say that our immediate goals have been met.

As mentioned in our previously featured article, token distribution began with our Translators/Moderators along with our Signature and Advance Media campaigners. But as you may know, the price of gwei within the Ethereum network was way too high to make any kind of large transaction. So the DIW team decided to wait…

Data privacy and security is something hard to come by these days, it’s also something that’s been spoken of very frequently. But I sense a bit of a contradiction here.

Many individuals talk about saving, securing and protecting data from hackers, scammers and fraudsters, but what are we doing about it when our information is left “outside” for anyone to access it or in other words, in reach of harmful doers? Can we store this information somewhere, out of harms reach, let’s say in a Vault? We need to think about this for a while and as we meditate…

We are happy to announce that DIW tokens are listed on LATOKEN
DIW/ETH and DIW/LA trading pairs are already available, click the link to trade:

LATOKEN is a rapidly growing crypto exchange aiming to become a liquidity leader for new tokens:

• 60+ crypto pairs already traded
• 70,000+ traders already registered
• Low trading fees (0.1% for ETH pairs and 0.05% for LA pairs)
• Low withdrawal fees ($4-$6)

In addition to crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

Given the current bearish state of the market, a bit of a…

We are excited to announce that the DIW Token will be listed on LATOKEN’s Trading Platform on Friday the 22nd of June, 2018! This will provide you with the ability to exchange the DIW Token with other listed tokens, thus enhancing its value.

Direct Access to DIW/ETH pair:

We would also like to remind you that our Alpha DIW Platform has been launched on testnet. This gives you the chance to join DIW’s team in the development of its project. Feel free to put the alpha edition of the vault through its paces, keeping in mind that it’s a…

It has already been three weeks since the launch of DIW’s ICO with just one week left to go — just enough time to seize this rare opportunity and join this unprecedented project! The entire team has been on constant alert for months now with quite a few kilos of coffee consumed on many endless meetings and sleepless nights! It has been a unique and amazing experience thus far and everyone is looking forward to the next stage that the project is about to enter.

There is a contrast of emotions though within the team. Excitement regarding its own project…

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be integrating the Bancor protocol to provide continuous liquidity to the DIW Token, enabling users to purchase and sell DIW Tokens on the Bancor Network.

The natural evolution of the DIW Token for its holders

The DIW Token will be introduced and featured as the preferred currency within the entire DIW network. It will enable fully traceable, secure and seamless transactions. To further enhance the value of the DIW Token and expand its reach beyond the DIW network, DIW proudly announces that the DIW Token will be integrated with the Bancor Protocol. This is…

DIW Token

DIW is a decentralized infrastructure which enables account holders to safeguard their virtual life while accessing a series of DApps via its network.

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