DIW and Smarter Contract partnership brings human judgement to smart contracts

To secure the best possible escrow service, DIW has just announced that it is partnering with Smarter Contract, a contract resolution platform, to broaden the applications of smart contracts by incorporating human judgement. One of the functionalities of DIW’s network is its escrow service, which is available to all its members who choose to opt-in. However, the blockchain-based digital secure global platform will offer it by default to members for transactions of $5,000 USD or more.

Human judgement is required to determine how funds are released from escrow for certain transactions. DIW and Smarter Contract’s collaboration incorporates such human judgement into smart contracts, thus enabling any escrow transaction to be executed with peace of mind through DIW’s paid escrow platform.

DIW’s paid escrow service for smart contracts is an additional feature of its blockchain-based, decentralized network, complete with its own ecosystem and currency. Smarter Contract’s service will ensure that where necessary, experts resolve any dispute arising out of these smart contracts through a system that is autonomous, low cost, and reliable.

Together, DIW and Smarter Contract will enable any escrow transaction to be executed with peace of mind through DIW’s paid escrow platform.

About DIW:

DIW is a blockchain-based digital secure global platform where organizations and individuals will be able to exchange services, funds and sensitive private data in a fully secure manner. The platform’s gateway is a highly secure vault that each member possesses and uses to store their private, sensitive digital data. The project also plans to release an easily integrated check out system for existing e-commerce websites accepting cryptocurrency. Ultimately, DIW plans to incorporate the medical world by handling critical electronic health records. Learn more at diwtoken.com.

About Smarter Contract:

Headed by blockchain veteran Vladimir Dubovskiy and contract expert Ashish Bhatt, Smarter Contract enables any transaction to be executed through smart contracts, regardless of its complexity. The company’s platform resolves both smart and traditional contract disputes by applying expert judgement delivered through its autonomous network. Smarter Contract’s patent-pending technology maximizes the accuracy and minimizes the cost of that judgement. It can reduce the cost of dispute resolution to less than 10% of prevailing costs in the traditional judicial system.