DIW Co-Founders participating at the Cryptocurrency World Expo 2018, Berlin!

We are excited to announce that DIW has been invited to speak at the Cryptocurrency World Expo for its 2018 annual summit taking place in Berlin, Germany on the 21st and 22nd of March.

What will the DIW team be doing at the summit

Our very own CEO, Stephanos Constantinou and our COO, Christopher Zenios will be joining the event. Furthermore, DIW will be making its presence felt as one of the partners to the event at booth 33. Everyone is welcome to meet with us up close and personal! At the summit, our team will look for ways to expand the global presence of our project, exchange further insider’s view of the industry, meet with industry experts from all over the world, connect with industry-related people and secure new advisors and partnerships.

We look forward to the outcome of the summit and wish to all of the summit’s organisers, speakers, partners and attendees a highly successful event.

Exclusive, complimentary entrance to the event for our supporters!

As a partner / sponsor to the event, we have managed to get a hold of a few complimentary entrance tickets exclusively for you, our supporters. Anyone interested, please do get in touch with us at contact@diwtoken.com

About the Cryptocurrency World Expo Berlin 2018 Summit

The Cryptocurrency World Expo Berlin 2018 Summit is one of the biggest Crypto-related annual events in Europe. Over 1600 people, 45 speakers and 60 sponsors from across the world unite there for a single purpose: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology advancement! It is attended by all kinds of cryptocurrency related organisations and people, starting from the biggest exchanges down to brokers. Payment providers, fintech experts, cryptocurrency miners and traders, ICO start-ups and participants, cryptomaniacs, blockchain developers, entrepreneurs and experts in tax and legislation are also eager to participate.

For more information regarding the event, visit: https://cryptocurrencyworldexpo.com/

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