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DIW Development Update

During the past few months, we have been working on the transition from the vision declared in our whitepaper to the build of an application. It was a process that required thorough research in order to refine the idea and turn it into a framework for a working product.

Having a restrained budget means that there is not much room for mistakes so we aim to deliver a simple, usable product that meets the needs of both basic and more advanced users when it comes to digital security.

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Application launch screen.

Phase 1 components

Our complete vision for the first stage of DIW will include an app that generates, stores and protects passwords as well as other personal information highly encrypted and supported by the extra security provided by the Distributed File Network and the Ethereum Blockchain.

It will comprise of a mobile application and a browser extension that can be used in conjunction with the mobile app through a secure connection. We are going to offer both a free and a Premium option of the app so that everyone can benefit from the security provided by DIW.

Each DIW account will be created by the generation of an Ethereum wallet. Users will be distinguished by their wallet number and they can keep their anonymity without the need to provide their email address or any other personal information.

Instead of having to come up with their own password, users will be asked to save the 24 random-word generated SEED, which will act as highly secure credentials. As a typical Ethereum wallet, DIW will also support deposit and withdrawal options for both ETH and DIW.

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The SEED generation is essential to the DIW account creation.

The following is a list of what has been accomplished so far in each department.


  • V.1 direction and components.
  • Design and development roadmaps.
  • Verified Apple developers’ account.
  • App store connect setup.
  • Free and premium subscription features.


  • Initial project setup on React Native.
  • ESLint and Typescript setup.
  • Selected UI framework.
  • Account creation:
    Generate 24-word SEED.
    - Encrypt SEED using user’s PIN/Password (AES).
    - Generate secret with UUID library.
    - Encrypt secret with receiver’s public key (RSA).
  • Wallet functionality:
    Send ETH: Ether server, Gas settings page, Gas price updates.
    - Send DIW: ERC20 standard transfer function to send tokens, Function to check for wallet value (synchronization), Pull server balance from ETH net every 5 secs, Check transaction status every 5 seconds.
    - Receive ETH.
    Receive DIW.
    Add pending transactions to balance check.
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Wallet home screen showing available balance, general information and withdraw/deposit options.


  • UI/UX for account creation process:
    Welcome page.
    - Create New DIW.
    - Import DIW.
    - Account overwrite.
    - Warning messages.
    - Generate SEED.
    - PIN creation.
    - Touch ID View.
    - Face ID View.
    - PIN entry.
    - Error pages.
    - PIN created successfully.
  • UI/UX for wallet functionality:
    Wallet page.
    - Deposit page.
    - Withdraw page.
    - Transaction speed settings page.
    - Transaction confirmation page.
    - Token info page.

Closed Beta Testing

Our team is currently in the process of testing the account creation procedure and wallet functionality both on iOS through Apple TestFlight and on Android mobiles through an APK. Our main focus is on technology and security implementation leaving the UI polishing to be done last.

Roadmap & Updates

Our main goal moving forward is to keep our community informed with frequent updates regarding our product’s development and our future strategies including the release of our 2019 roadmap which we are planning in conjunction with our development team.

Stay up to date with our progress by using any of the following:

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DIW is a decentralized infrastructure which enables account holders to safeguard their virtual life while accessing a series of DApps via its network.

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