IMO State, Nigeria

People often greet each other in the mornings with the phrase, “Good Morning”. Lately, I’ve been letting my consciousness enter the physical realm by writing on my white board thoughts, ideas, and phrases that come to my mind during meditation or upon awaking from my slumber. My most recent revelation was this idea of a “great morning.”

In my senior year of college, my mxntor Ruben Canedo expressed to me the importance of a morning routine. However, as a busy college student, I didn’t think I had a consistent schedule to form a routine. Upon receiving my first job post-college, I began experimenting with this morning routine. I started by writing down the motions I go through in the mornings:

· Brush Teeth

· Prayer

· Drink Water

· Yoga Flow (8–12mins)

· Meditation

· Take Shower

· Break fast

This is my recipe for a great morning and I have a poster in my bedroom outlining this routine. As soon as I wake up, I am conscious of my purpose and aware of what to do next to ensure I have a great morning. Think about the motions in the morning that will help you be your best self, write them down and have a great morning! Write out a routine, try it out and if you don’t vibe with it, you have the power to change your routine.


Destiny Chisom Iwuoma

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