Be a nice human.

A theory i applied to my life and works like a charm.

About two years ago i had the attitude of an angry bird, blaming life, my parents, and everything in between for the misery i was going through (no, i wasn’t a teenager but kind of acted like one). One day i was scrolling through Facebook and found a post that said “Be a nice human” and a caption that went along with it like an advertisement jingle “my very own life motto”. It wasn’t a dramatic breakthrough but it was time for a change. I changed my attitude towards everyone else, but specially towards myself. Smiling and waving at complete strangers and wishing them a good day, being nice to coworkers (specially the bitchy ones that talk behind your back), being grateful to my parents for their patience and effort for everything they’ve done and overall being nice to myself, loving myself.

The changes were amazing, job offers started coming, I made more friends, i got fit, my grades went up, my relationship with my parents improved, overall everything improved and the best part, it was for free.

I started a career in sales not so long ago and trust me on this, it’s hard when clients hang up the phone, it’s hard when your boss loves you one month and then hates you the other because you didn’t deliver the number of sales he was expecting. It’s hard when everyone in your family has a bad day and you get home and the fighting continues. It is, I’ve been there and it will happen, again and again and again, because there are people that feel miserable with their lifes and want to drag you in the same hole, that fight with someone and need you to be in the same tune as they are or the old envy feeling that eats you up inside because you want more and see people that have it the “easy way”. But that doesn’t give you credit to be the bad spine. To be mean to others because things didn’t went your way so nobody will have it their way. To act like the universe owes you something because it doesn’t. Life is hard, whether you are rich, poor, beautiful, ugly, gay or straight, it’s hard for everyone, so you will have more impact when giving a hand and helping others than backstabbing them (that applies both profesionally and personally). But i get the feeling, the hot face, the running heart where you just want to say F**k it and make that person feel a small portion of what you’re feeling.

In fact, that makes you human and we all have the ups and the downs. That’s how the market works, the world, mother nature and life itself. So be cool, the bad will pass (eventually), keep working hard, on yourself and your job, but mostly smile and be nice. Be a nice human.

Have a great day….and the days to come.