RITCH.co interviews creator of the Freedom Business Formula.

Agnese Rudzate, Creator of the Freedom Business Formula

Agnese Rudzate is changing the way women do business. If her approachability and welcoming disposition don’t win you over, her organizational superpowers and streamlined business strategies certainly will. Rudzate is leading her industry in the online space helping women save time in business so they can lead fulfilling lives with ease. When it comes to the world of Digital CEO’s Agnese has a well oiled machined and she will teach you how to build the same. I first became acquainted with Agnese when she caught the attention of my team. Her mission to help women increase productivity and begin to thrive in business is something we are both passionate about. It is because of our aligning purpose in empowering women to succeed in their space that we reached out for a mini-interview. Rudzate was gracious and took the time to answer a few quick questions giving us insight into what motivated her in business from her beginning.

DIXII: Regarding your journey into entrepreneurship, are you happy?

Agnese: While I am very grateful and satisfied with where I am now, I believe there is always a place for improvement.

DIXII: What would you change?

Agnese: For me, learning as an individual and as a professional never ends. Whether it is a book, course, mentor, it is important to continue being in a growth mindset. It is only one thing I would change in my journey in entrepreneurship — start earlier. This is something I wish for every woman with passion in heart — don’t wait on anyone’s approval, step into your power, and make yourself proud.

DIXII: What are some of the mistakes made that you now wish you had avoided?

Agnese: One of the biggest mistakes when I just started out was to be too scared to invest in myself. I was not ready to ask for help and receive it. Once I realized I have a scarcity and poverty mindset, I made a conscious decision to shift into success mode and never look back. Investing in myself is a necessity now and helps to grow not only me personally, but lets my clients grow with me.

DIXII: How did you know when you had the right idea?

Agnese: To be honest, before THE LIGHTBULB MOMENT came, for quite some time I was not sure what is it in me that I can share with the world to make it better. I always knew there had to be more but was struggling to define it. I had many passions, hobbies, things I was good at, but nothing ever stood out to be THAT THING. Until I sat down with myself, wrote out all that I had done — experiences, knowledge, education, passions, skills, all the tiny summer jobs, only to realize that MY THING was in front of me the whole time. AND nevertheless, I had spent 3 years working for a company as a Quality System Manager that had given me great insight, skills, knowledge, and confidence in creating, maintaining, and implementing a structure, systems, and processes that bring RESULTS.

Keep an eye out for Agnese and her down to earth approach to business in her interview with me in the upcoming release of the RITCH.co new podcast series C SUITE HOTSEAT.

Agnese is a productivity coach helping creative female entrepreneurs thrive in their business without the 24/7 time investment. Her Freedom Business Formula is designed to bring structure so women can get rid of overwhelm and constant hustle by working smarter.



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