9 Elephants in the (Class)Room That Should “Unsettle” Us
Will Richardson

Great points about learning. If students do science research projects about the environment they will achieve several of the elements that you point out as missing. The experience will stay with them. I still remember the key points from my high school science project even though it was mediocre. Getting outside to take measurements also stimulates learning and builds observing skills. Contributing data to citizen science projects such as GLOBE, Project Budburst, and CoCoRaHS gives students a sense of self-worth that motivates learning. Science research projects are self-assessing — what they do culminates in a research report (poster, oral presentation) that are the assessment vehicle. Doing teaches better than listening. Writing and communicating in other ways (speech, music, art); participating in human interactions (partnering, friendship, cooperative projects, student ogvernment, etc.) teach social principles and approaches; and doing science is essential to gaining scientific habits of mind.

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