PHP Frameworks Guide & Top Expert PHP Framework 2019 — Prediction

In the next 9 minutes you will be learning about the PHP Scripting Language, the Backend Development Trends, Why do Corporations like ours hope PHP web developer and the Best PHP frameworks that we believe would rule the Backend App Development business in 2019.

Several days back we wrote a similar article on our favorite of Frontend Development language — JavaScript and we got a list of emails from mobile app business supporters asking us to do a similar article on our popular Backend Development tool as great.

While in there we read about Frontend development to a great degree, this one is all regarding the Backend.

Irrespective of how innovative or impeccably created an app’s Frontend is, for it to operate as it is supposed to, the Backend Development method needs to be securely developed in a way that it is maintainable and supports scalability to a large area.

Presently, talking of Backend Development, there are a number of scripting languages that a company can collect from for their method.

PHP, although one of the several used scripting languages among corporations for the Backend development of their Web Apps, it is not the only possibility that they have when it gets to the business.

There are a number of other languages that are continually evolving to take the part of the PHP developer London attention. While they will take time to better the selection rate of PHP, they are not requiring that behind.

The fact that the market for promoting the development of Backend is growing to a large size, is a sign that the process is going to result, very soon.

At the note of growing, here are the Backend Development trends that will soon be seen taking adopted by corporations for better scalability in 2019.

Backend Development Trends 2019


The instant and the time to come correlates to speed. Nobody how perfect your mobile app is, the speed with which it loads should be within seconds (even microseconds) as well. The point of having a fast load and result screening activity is so much so that it matches one of the prime goals for user abandonment rate.

This is where AMP comes in. AMP is a set used to accelerate the web page loading speed on mobile.


PWA continues to be a trend for not just frontend development but more Mobile App Backend Development.


An acronym for Answer, Animation, Idle, Load — is the new sense of the success of the Backend Development of your mobile app. A description which will display a must-have article in all the Backend Development processes in 2019.

Response — Should be below 50ms

Animation — Should Build a Case in below 10 ms

Idle — Maximized to load the page over in under 50 ms

Load — Become Interactive in below 5 seconds

Now that we have seen the trends that are continuing to rule the backend development means, let us now read about what we asked you in for — Concerning the best PHP Frameworks for App Development.

There are a number of ideas that make PHP as our first option of the backend development process (PHP Programmer) that we follow here at TechTIQ Solutions. Here are a few of them –

Database Flexibility

The most useful part of PHP frameworks is that they can be compared to a number of different databases. While their connection with MySQL is most regularly utilized, they are not checked to it.

Fast Load Time

PHP codes, unlike ASP, run in its individual concept space, which extends the web page loading speed to a great extent — a comment that is perfectly arranged with the 2019 backend development trend of AMP.

Greater Platform Diversity

PHP is the one word that is not restricted to website development only. It has also developed in the mobile domain. Also, the language is used to produce a range of complex apps across sections.

Supports CMS, Heavily
Content Management System is the obvious factor between all the prosperous web and mobile apps across the globe. While there was a time when HTML used to be the perfect language for CMS development, the club has now been given over to PHP.

The point that PHP is powered to maintain a number of various features across different platforms, our business has been witnessing a number of frameworks been started under the PHP parasol to make the backend development course a lot gently.

Source: appinventiv

Among extra or fewer 100s of different PHP frameworks to pick from, it can get very hard for businesses looking to create their tech stack.

Let us now provide you a penetration into the frameworks that we use for Backend community and the ones that will be adapted to a much greater extent in the world of PHP Framework 2019.

The ones that we use –

There are a number of portions that drives us to choose these five as the top Best PHP frameworks practiced for our backend development process –

  • Flexibility
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Ease of Development
  • Help with faster acceleration to market

Without more ado, let us see into each of them in particular –


The highly expressive framework allows the advantage of a web application that supports the development of maintainable codes. Laravel is fit for the development of very strong web apps. The PHP Framework Laravel comes stuffed with stories that help customize even the multiple apps according to the users’ needs.

However good it sounds, the framework does not come sans pros and cons, let us look into some of them –

Laravel Advantages

  • Easy availability of documentation
  • Speedy execution of Web Applications
  • In sync with the modern day expectations of web apps — Speed, security etc.
  • Laravel Shortcomings

The new framework doesn’t come bug-free
Raises Database question which affects performance


It is an open-source PHP framework, which is remembered for its small footprint, is used for producing rapid web structures, which eventually helps in the growth of the dynamic websites in PHP developer.

Like all the other frameworks in the backend development enterprise, CodeIgniter also doesn’t come free of pros and cons. Here are some of them –

CodeIgniter Pros

  • Begins with simple set up options, which are ideal for the newcomers to learn
  • The documentation is highly demonstrated
  • There are least to zero lags

CodeIgniter Cons

  • Can be hard to modify codes
  • There is a lack of default modular code division.


Although. Like the PHP Framework Laravel, Yii is also a new backend expansion framework in the business, the framework doesn’t deceive developers looking to build a provider for the development of multiple web apps.

Even though the framework has been well supported by a number of mobile app builders beyond the industry, there are some things that the class loved about the framework and any that they are not that big a fan of. Let us look into them –

Yii Advantages

  • Lightweight Codes
  • Low Learnability Scale
  • Greate Security Features
  • Yii Shortcomings

Immediately, lacks the support for creating multiple apps
Lack of availability of Yii development experts


It is a whole object-oriented framework which offers use of a number of object-oriented characteristics such as interfaces and inheritances, which makes the framework extendable at one point or the another.

Here are any of the pros and cons of the Zend framework –

Zend Pros

  • Very well documented
  • Large community base

Use at will composition which enables mobile app developers to pick and pick the components they need rather of the whole package library Has PHP MVC Framework components that come with the power of molecularity.

Zend Cons

The framework comes with a steep learning curve, which makes it less attractive for the mobile app builders.

Now that you have seen the 5 Best PHP frameworks that we swear upon, let us now look into the other 5 frameworks that will make/last to make a mark in the world of PHP Framework 2019.