Like Father like Son..No..But Instead Its Son to Father.

Growing up, naturally we look up to our fathers as they pave our way to adulthood in a kind of way, give us advice, wipe our tears when ever we face any obstacles. I didn't want to write about this but this may help to any man out there whom in the future would want to be a good father and have a smile on there face come Fathers Day.

It all started when you left us behind in 2004, when you left for the U.K,as a child 14 years old i didn't know much about life but what i only knew was our country’s economy was starting to breathe poverty all over, so as you told us “my children daddy will not forget you”, i remember my face was glowing as i couldn't imagine a life without you dad, as i looked up at you whole heartily, you where my superman.

Months passed by, Years passed by, my mothers tears ran down on her face a thousand times, all i heard was you had another family, shock ran through my spine, the thought of your smile the good heart that you had, all of that in the hands and hearts of another family, a definite betrayal, as my mum had told us the story ,it didn't sink in i thought Mum was lying to us but as i was growing up your actions towards us made it crystal clear, each of your phone calls brought happiness to my lil brother and my small little sister on whom you left behind when she barely had any teeth,she only knew your voice and pictures you left behind on the big family wall, but i started having non of that as you could not tell us yourself why you where not taking one of us to live with you why you didn't want one of us to be in school in London.

Divorce rained in, big up to my mum for being the “The Real MVP”,she took care of us more than what you can imagine but looking back i thank you Mum.

Life went on, but you not being present that much in our lives as the first born in the family i held anger of why us, on each and every fathers day i could see sons and daughters celebrating with there fathers, as for me i tried i tried but my heart was empty, as empty as was your empty promises towards us, i couldn't believe it had climaxed to that stage but would you blame me for feeling that way Dad.

As more years passed by suddenly i receive a phone call from my brother, “Guess what daddy is coming home”, blood is thicker than water, i had a smile on my face but i was thousands of miles away from home, for a minute i was thinking why coming home now but it was none of my god daim business, time passed by although you had inflicted pain in our lives there’s something about Family that one can never explain i found myself running up and down trying to get a flying ticket back home.

Back home here i was,looking at you i could not believe its been 13 years, after those years away from us, after that promise you made to us not to forget us of which that promise you gladly broke, here you are in disappointment and in sadness, my heart didn’t skip a bit, my legs didn't feel like running to you, even your soul knows the reason why, instead i felt like crying i felt so sorry for you, as my eyes could not believe the state that you where in, you where not sick no but the KARMA of life had strike you, from the pictures you used to send us when you where in the UK to now you had changed !!!.

There was no need to explain anything as your eyes where already telling the secret of regret, with what might have happened which might have caused your return home, the father i knew had varnished.

One thing that i know all of this that you have made us to go through as a family and as me as a man, this definitely will make me be a better father to my unborn Child. Happy Fathers Day Unborn Child.