House Hunting

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In the first month, we lived out of Somerset Hotel, it was cozy, the view is beautiful. We ate at new places, attempted cooking, started house hunting.

First stop was The Pearl. Coincidentally, it was our first and only stop.

It was love at first sight. I was decided, this shall be my home!

Financially, it might not make the most sense- you could get a landed property somewhere else over our 1 bedroom apartment. But The Pearl residential area pleases my eyes, this I believe is good for my soul.

It’s a beautiful developed residential area. Which is something I have grown accustomed to living in Singapore, and have completely taken for granted.

  1. Convenience
    You have to drive in order to get ANYWHERE in Doha. Even to the nearest supermarket. Which hints at how unfriendly this city is for pedestrians. This is largely due to the weather, and the fact that there is no public transport (yet)- everyone drives. So no one even has to walk from their home to the bus or metro station.
    Singapore is small, and well-developed, so everything you need is literally a stone throw away. Having had lived in Tampines, I really took this for granted. It’s not an impressive zipcode unlike The Pearl, but it has EVERYTHING #tampinespride.
    So, I am really glad that there are banks, supermarkets, eateries, movie theater that we can walk to when one of us don’t have the car.
    Of course, it is also just outside West Bay which makes traveling to work and back a breeze. By Doha’s traffic standards at least.
  2. Greenery
    This is something I miss most about Singapore. Even if we were to live in the city, West Bay, the moment you step out of your apartment it would be a few tress surrounded by sand and stone. This is an emerging city after-all.
    At The Pearl, where ever you lay your eyes, there are trees and bushes glimmering in the sun-rays. It’s really relaxing for the eyes and calming to the soul.
  3. Gorgeous neighborhood
    I am not going to lie, I simply fell in love at how beautiful the neighborhood is. Z and I are very visual creatures, and we make a lot of decisions based on aesthetic factors. Which is then followed by other criteria and reasons that justify our prior biasness. We have the marina behind our apartment, and we are 15 min walk away to the beach.

Unfortunately, the hiccups we faced in our journey to rent an apartment dampened my spirit. This will be reserved for another entry.

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