How I changed my views on plans and here is my plan for 2016

I was very bad at planning my own life. I never make new year resolutions, never set measurable personal goals, let alone plans to achieve them. I believe in ‘Change is the only constant in life’ and plans only make life worse, especially when unexpected happens. To a certain point, I also believe in destiny, that you cannot control everything around you and whether you can achieve something is not 100% in your own hands. So in short, I don’t make long-term plans for my life path.

On the other hand, I do make plans on some small things to the most tiny details. For example, my trip plan to Japan was detailed to every half-hour (though it didn’t work out… we only covered half of the places in my plan). Do not try to ask me out on Saturday for a dinner that night. 95% of the time I already planned something (a few weeks back).

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the present and just following the current of life. On one hand I like the feeling that the future is not set and I can go where ever I like; on the other hand, living in Australia more or less is equivalent to a pre-defined life trajectory of ‘work-marry-kids-retire’. I still want to achieve something, to make a difference. And I’m still lack of some skills (hard & soft) to become the person I want to be. I’d want to work harder and won’t regret in 10 years. I have to step out my comfort zone and head towards.

At the beginning of the year, there must be a huge amount of blogs/articles about resolutions and plans, though very few are eventually carried out. Planning is also much easier than actions. Therefore, I don’t put too much hope on how helpful my first yearly plan will be. At least, it’s a guidance and benchmark that I can revisit.


I’ve been thinking about going back to uni and get my PhD done.

  1. Research on Ph.D programs & contact universities
  2. Prepare for GRE
  3. Self study: here is a list of things I want to master
  • R: Coursera data science specialisation
  • python: web crawler & setup some interesting auto notification system
  • English: 1 TED talk (transcript study)/ 5 NYT articles per week

4. Reading: finish TLOR (and hopefully book 6 of SOIF), books bought in 2015, a few books on history & philosophy, and write reading notes


Limited hours of drama watching. Organise photos taken in Europe & Japan

A trip to the States later this year


3–4 times gym per week

Side projects

Every week 4–6 hours to do somethings interesting and ideally find someone interesting to do whatever that projects will be together!

And keep up writing things!

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