5 fashion & beauty truths that nobody talks about (but it’s true)

It’s hard to dress up no matter who you are, what more a regular Jane who doesn’t have the luxury of a hair and beauty stylist to come over each morning to doll you up. So don’t be hatin’ if one day I end up looking like I dressed in the dark! Anywhay, these are just a few of the fashion (mis)fortunes that we ladies face on the regular, yet nobody seems to talk about it.

1. Foundation make up & a white top combo

More obvious when you’re trying on a white top at a store and you find someone has left their foundation marks in a territorial, “I’m gonna buy this top, so paws off” kinda way. Even when you know you can easily wash it off at home, you find the hygiene as questionable as or even worse than secondhand clothing.

Photo taken inside the fitting room of Uniqlo MARK IS Minatomirai outlet, Yokohama

Did you know that Uniqlo stores in Japan offer face covers to ensure that your make up does not stain their pristine white tops? More reasons to love Uniqlo!

2. Sheer clothing + the right underwear

Legally Blonde gets played quite regularly in my living room

Sometimes you’d wonder why some of us take so long in the fitting room. Other than snapping up some selfies to make sure our pixellated self looks good to be posted as an #OOTD, we bend over make sure that the colour of our underwear doesn’t overshadow our outfit when we bend over to pick something up. Say no to #VPL and go seamless! Uniqlo and Neubodi are highly recommended. Try Calvin Klein if you’re in the mood to splurge on underwear that makes you feel good. Alternatively, you can go commando but risk the consequences. No opinions on thongs/g-strings because: are they still in style?

3. Lipstick + lipstick marks shortly after

Lippies are one of many girls’ best friends because admit it — it does make you look a little put-together! But once your lip has been glossed/matted over, you tend to find them on your teeth, the person/baby you kissed, the outside of your lips or even on your top. Thankfully there are lifehacks on the internet that can help us avoid what would seem like a murder scene.

4. The boob gap + button-down shirt

Call it a blessing for having a busty chest or a curse for not finding the suitable shirt size, but it’s something that your mind will continually remind you to check on to avoid a free peek-a-boo(b).

5. Your make up only lasting from the time you leave your house until you take that first bite of your meal

You spent time perfecting the blends of your contours and highlights, only to have it wiped off by a napkin after wolfing down that meal. Your cute little nose that’s been powdered has unsightly sunglasses marks. What gives? Isn’t the makeup setting spray supposed to save us from the calamity that is melting makeup?

Has anyone else faced any of these fashion truths before? Anything else I’ve missed out? Share yours below!


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