I was the first person to criticise the AirPods when they were initially unveiled back in 2016. I just didn’t understand how they just don’t fall out of your ears whenever you move your head to the side etc. I was also critical of the fact that they looked ugly, they looked like electronic toothbrush replacement heads. I just wasn’t sold.

Roll on to September 2017 and I have updated my Apple Watch to Watch OS 4 where the way we can workout using the Watch has been completely revolutionised. I was coming around to the idea of having AirPods and wanted to try them out. I tried out my friends and I was really sold on them, the sound quality actually surprised me too as I was expecting a “tinny” sound. They didn’t fall out of my ear at all, even after vigorous movements with my head. I had to buy a pair for myself.

I have now had my AirPods just under a month and I am loving them, they now go with me everywhere and what I also love about them is that they can simply connect to another device by one click of a button, no more faffing around in the settings and turning off bluetooth on different devices etc. I have started to work out more than I used to, just me, my watch and my AirPods and they are fantastic to use whilst working out. I was surprised that they still haven’t fallen out of my ear yet, apart from once when I was scratching my ear. They are fantastic!

In a few minutes from now I will be going out on my bike for the first time in ages, and this time, it will be me, my bike, my watch and my AirPods. Not a single thing else on me, apart from my helmet of course. I am going to test out how easy it is to cycle with them in, and whether the helmet will knock them out or not. I am excited to experiment this, and I will let you know the outcome.

What I am basically coming to the conclusion of is, if you are swaying with the idea of getting the AirPods and not sure, I would definitely recommend you go and try them on in an Apple Store near you, as they are bound to blow you away. I now feel like I can’t live without mine, or at least will not be able to function just as well.

Thanks for reading my thoughts.