The Internet of troublesome, expensive and infuriating Things

Why do we want these ‘things’? We want to gain control, make everything more convenient and structure our technology around our busy lives. We want to be able to live in the Star Trek home with little objects that comfort us with their gently blinking lights and chirrrp into life ready to serve us when we enter the room.

We’re promised the last word in control — either at home or remotely — to make our lives rich with a feeling of contentment knowing everything in our home is being looked after by an interconnected network of things that are totally aware of their surroundings, keeping vigil while we are out enjoying our newly found peace and freedom.

Except we aren’t. We’re tied to the support sites. We’re constantly rebooting. We’re wondering why, midway through the evening just when we see Mulder’s name flash up on Scully’s phone, everything goes off because our Internet of Keyfobs decided we’d gone out.

While the ‘Internet of Things’ promised a brave new world full of interconnected devices designed to make my life easier, safer and more convenient, I’m stressed, my electricity bill has trebled and I spend 20 minutes each night rebooting disconnected light bulbs so I can go to bed.

In a few weeks time I take delivery of an Internet connected car.

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