M2M 211–Headed to Costa Rica

This post is a part of Jeff’s 12-month, accelerated learning project called “Month to Master.” For June, he is downloading the ability to cook a dish from all seven continents.

Currently at the airport right now headed to Costa Rica. My mind felt SOREE today so I intentionally do any work. One of my challenges is reining my mind in. I habitually start working whenever I have a free moment.

As anticipated, I need to deliberately schedule “rest” time. Even when I rest, I’m reading a book, or watching some educational video. While this is generally a great use of my free time, there are instances where I need to turn off that problem-solving portion of my brain.

Not sure if I’ll be able to get to surfing tomorrow, but most definitely Wednesday! Great that I finished the cooking challenge early.

Jeff Li is saving the world by matrix-downloading skills into his brain. He is …….“The SuperLearner. ”

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