M2M 316 — Getting the outline finished

This post is a part of Jeff’s 12-month, accelerated learning project called “Month to Master.” For November, he is downloading the ability to draw a self-portrait.

Today, I drew the outline of Mike Tyson:

I used a technique called triangulation. Notice a ton of lines going through Mike Tyson’s face. What’s happening, is that I’m picking points of Mike Tyson’s face and measuring the angles between points.

For example, I measure the angle between the top of his head and the left side of the head/ear. I draw a straight line to mark the angle. Then, I find another point, say, the right edge of his hairline. I draw a straight line right across and then measure the intersection of these two lines to mark the corner of his hairline. If these do not intersect, I didn’t measure the angles correctly.

I then, filled in the spaces between these points to create the overall shape.

Jeff Li is saving the world by matrix-downloading skills into his brain. He is …….“The SuperLearner. ”

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