M2M Day 258 — Mind Mapping from Memory

This post is a part of Jeff’s 12-month, accelerated learning project called “Month to Master.” For September, he is downloading the ability to complete to pop(dance).

I’ll touch on two subjects today: dance and data science. On the dance side, I got in 1 hour of practice. I was able to freestyle for a full-song, so I guess I hit my goal. The goal wasn’t very difficult and I under-estimated how fast I could pick it up. I think the only thing really holding me back is my dance vocabulary and strength of hit. I’ll likely ask my teacher tomorrow for some more “flashy” moves like the wave, glide etc.

Usually, I won’t write about data science under the name of this project. However, I did discover a great new technique for learning concepts. Mind-Mapping from Memory. Essentially what you do is combine the technique of active recall with mind mapping. If you forgot, active recall is the act of pulling the answer out of your brain without any hints, looking at your notes. A mind-map is a concept compression technique where you use associations to create a map of all the concepts. This is what a mind-map looks like:

The technique is to create a mind-map from memory on a specific concept you want to really learn and understand. If you get stuck do not look up the answer. Struggle with the concept for a bit. By struggling, you’re actually more likely to remember it in the long-run. If anything, just make your best educated guess, then look up the asnwer.

Jeff Li is saving the world by matrix-downloading skills into his brain. He is …….“The SuperLearner. ”

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