M2M Skill #1 — Picking Up Girls: The Challenges

The Challenges

The way I’ve structured these challenges, is to have each challenge build off the next. As a result, the next day will combine the previous days challenge. Many of the challenges will also require interaction with both males and females, not just attractive women.

Each challenge will focus on a specific aspect of the Approach Female Algorithm. Keep in mind, the principles apply to all social interactions. I’ve just tuned this more towards women.

Most people will wonder what “pick-up line” I’ll use. In reality, the line doesn’t matter. Generally, I’ll improvise, but if nothing comes to mind, these are the lines I’ll use as backup:

Women: Hey, really random, but I just saw you walking by and thought you were really cute. I’d kick myself if I didn’t at least come say hi. How’s your day going?

Men: Hey, really random, but I’m looking to push comfort zone by meeting strangers. Not looking to sell anything. Just wanted to say hi.


  • Each learning session (challenge + reflection + research) must be completed in under 2 hours (except the challenge #28,#29,#30). Otherwise, this counts as “fail.” Only exception, is if I get into a good conversation. This will need to be a judgment call. This will force me to take action and not linger around. I also have other things to do in my life.
  • Environment does not matter. It just needs to be an environment where there is high volume of people + I can remain anonymous (clubs, tourist areas etc.)
  • When approaching everyone, do not discriminate towards certain races, age groups, stereotypes. Only exception is homeless people or those green/red vest people trying to get me to sign their petition.
  • Don’t talk about fight club aka do not tell people about this project when I talk to them.
  • When approaching women, due to time constraint, lower the attractiveness bar for approach to maximize social interaction.
  • I can only change the challenges but to a challenge that is more difficult than what’s currently there.

The Challenges:

Day 1: 3-Second Rule: Approach 10 people on the street, male or female. Preferrably female. After spotting someone, approach within 3 seconds. If across the street, run across the street.

Day 2: High five 25 strangers. If cute girl, start a conversation.

Day 3: Having Fun: Memorize a funny joke, approach 10 people and tell them a joke. Try to get them to tell you a joke back.

Day 4: Bring speakers or wear headphones. Go to the middle of a crowded area. Dance for at least 3 minutes. Record on video.

Day 5: Asking for what you want: Walk into 5 different stores and try to get something for free. Spend at least 1 minute trying to persuade them.

Day 6: Persistence: Try to convince 10 people to buy something random. Persist for 60 seconds.

Day 7: Smiling: Approach 20 people. Start a conversation and focus on walking up with a smile.

Day 8: Question-Answer-Statement: Approach 10 women. Ask a question and respond with a statement.

Day 9: Body Language: Approach 10 people. Start a conversation. Get to neutral body language as soon as possible.

Day 10: Banter: Approach 10 women and try to get into a fun banter with her. Memorize a few lines as backup.

Day 11: Sick — Did six approaches

Day 12: Emotional Statement: Approach 10 women and throw in an open-ended question and respond with a shared emotional statement.

Day 13: We statement: Approach 10 women and use a “we” statement or use “us” mentality.

Day 14: Qualification: Approach 10 women, start a conversation and try to get them to qualify themselves to you. Bonus points for disqualifying self.

Day 15: Looks: Approach 10 women with food on my face.

Day 16: Opening Line: Approach 10 women and open them using vulgar rap lyrics.

Day 17: Environment: Approach 10 women in an environment I don’t usually approach in. Bookstore, restaurant, public transportation.

Day 18: Environment: Approach 5 women sitting down. Sit with them, start a conversation and use a time constraint.

Day 19: Groups: Approaching 10 women but they must be in a group.

Day 20: Casual: Approach 10 women, without deliberately going out. Approach as you’re going about your day.

Day 21: Stereotyping: Approach 10 white girls (Yes, it’s harder…. lol).

Day 22: Take-away: Approach 10 women and try to use a take-away (she must be interested for it to work though).

Day 23: Shit tests: Approach as many women as I can until I get a shit test.

Day 24: Man-Woman: Approach 10 women and use a “Man to Woman” statement.

Day 25: Excuses: Approach 5 women that are on the phone.

Day 26: Persistence: Approach 10 women. Try to stay in conversation for at least 5 minutes each.

Day 27: Persistence: Approach 10 women. Get rejected. Persist and try a different angle.

Day 28: Instant Date: Approach until you get an instant date.

Day 29: Approaching: Walk into a bar and introduce yourself to EVERYONE in the bar.

Day 30: The Final: Have 100 stranger interactions using everything learned in a day (male or female)

After this challenge, I’ll likely aim for more of an indirect strategy with social groups towards meeting women. However, I should have the channel open, for whenever I see an attractive girl in any environment. I’ll keep approaching while going through my other challenges to maintain the skillset, just reducing the quantity & intensity of practice.

Next Month — 40 Consecutive Pull-Ups

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