Notes to self

A long lived promise to yourself finally becomes true by typing this. Keeping notes of things you figured out once and then forgot about when you needed them later on. That’s why, from now on, you’ll start writing these things down. And while doing so, please write them down in such a way that three months down the road you’ll still be able to both use/apply it and understand what you’re actually doing.

Oh, and because you have been such a consumer of virtually every source on the internet until now, let’s just publish it for once. Maybe you can just spare someone a few minutes research by making your notes to self available to everyone.

The choice for Medium is just one because of speed, ‘looks kind of cool’ and laziness. If there ever comes a need for demonstration of experiments with Nginx configs, service workers we’ll solve it then and there. I think that’s what they call agile spirit with a hint of healthy ignorance? Anyway, in the end you should be starting to write things down instead of doing what every developer did at least once in their life:

And let’s stop writing to yourself from now :)

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