A Non-Stan Defense of Beyonce

I’m not a stan and I don’t particularly care for the rabid aggressiveness that the hive displays whenever someone dares critique Saint Beyonce. However, she was robbed at the Grammys. While there is no disputing the immeasurable talent and vocal grace that Adele brings to the music industry, with albums full of emotion and vitality, there is also no disputing in my humble opinion that as a whole collection of work, Beyonce had the best album of the year. For creativity, organized theme, visuals, poetry, she is the winner hands down for album of the year with Lemonade.

As an artist, Beyonce literally pushed us into the 21st century even though its 2017. Most consumers typically expect audio, maybe a couple music videos of singles on a extra deluxe CD, and a lyrics and credit sheet; she gave us a movie. An epic MJ like spectacle that took us on a visual, artistic, soulful journey from start to finish through her album and it has never been done before in pop music to my knowledge. She paved a new path for popular artists to follow with Lemonade because there is usually no theme to bind the body of work together beyond sound production. While (good) rappers have been weaving stories through their albums for decades, pop artists haven’t had to think deep about it. Their songwriters write hits, that’s it.

Did Beyonce deserve to win for her album containing “single ladies”?….No. Yeah, the dancing and songs were hot, but collectively, I am…Sasha Fierce wasn’t anything to lose sleep over. Repetitive lyrics, scantily-clad attire, and hot choreography didn’t separate anyone from the bunch back then and it especially doesn’t today. Every startup girl group or solo artist is doing the same thing — shore deep lyrics with heavy sexual innuendo, gyrating dance moves, BDSM clothing, and nothing to offer emotionally for the consumer. Lemonade is on another level. Lemonade has lyrical content, though it gets a bit esoteric at times. It has spirit. It shows growth and brought us into her world more than any other body of work she’s released.

To make a long story short, Adele deserves song of the year. When Hello hit the airwaves, literally everyone I know — young and seasoned- were fans of the song. There wasn’t one particular song on Lemonade that I could think of that could compete with that song per se. But in terms of 2016 pop music impact, I blame the album Lemonade for the Yucatan crater.

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