There is No Shame in Wanting to Feel Beautiful

There is privilege everywhere in life. One of the privileges that no one thinks about is the privilege of having naturally clear acne-free hyper-pigmentation-less skin. There are so many videos floating around social media showing makeup transformations. I can bet you a dollar that somewhere in the comments you will read something like this “Why is she wearing so much makeup? It’s bad for your skin!” My mental response is:

First of all, most people are fundamentally cruel. They will look at someone’s physical features and if they do not fit a particular mold, either tease, ridicule, and/or judge. We either saw it, did it, or were victimized by teasing as children and it doesn’t stop when we enter adulthood. There are two kinds of people that particularly irk me when it come to makeup shaming:

1.The Natural Nazi — Unless it’s the natural sebum that seeps out of your pores, nothing should adorn your face or hair apparently. These are the people that will shout “Just love yourself”, “ you don’t need all that”, “people have to love you for you.” While that sounds great abstractly — it neglects one obvious point: the person wearing the makeup WANTS to. Indeed most of the people that would make a comment like that will still use chap-stick and lotion. To them I ask why? Don’t you want to be ashy? Just be your natural “ashy” self. “You don’t need chap-stick, love yourself”. People have a right to feel good about themselves permitted they aren’t hurting anyone else and everyone picks their own poison.

2.The Skincare Police — this is where the aforementioned privilege comes in. While I would never diminish the importance of good skincare and hydration, there does come a point where the underlying cause of a skin condition isn’t either one of them. Sometimes it’s hormonal and that’s the most painful and embarrassing acne someone can have. Murad is an amazing product, but even it has trouble fighting cystic acne.

I suffered from embarrassing acne as a teenager. I mean, my ugly phase was ugly AF. Just being honest. I didn’t wear makeup back then but if I had more knowledge about it, and parental permission, I definitely would have.

Spare me the “it’s more important to feel beautiful on the inside.” Self confidence is important and I am a staunch advocate for women doing what they feel necessary (permitted it is safe) to feel confident and proud within their skin. When the outside doesn’t match the inside any person will feel down. Now for those with acne etc. that are still able to convey an indomitable sense of confidence in who they are I say “kudos.” But there is a thin line between encouragement and bashing.

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