it’s not that I or we are “inactive”, WE ARE EXTREMELY ACTIVE. Just not with the DNC anymore….
Tid Bits

As far as the DNC, I have nothing to do with the DNC.

I’m talking about local political party structure and governance. Most people think only of “elected officials” when they think about the democratic party. But its much more complicated than that. The elected officials use the party as a vehicle to win, but they are not “the party”. The party is actually made up of hundreds of smaller parties, in each state- county and district.

You cant just “get on the DNC”, and think you are going to change it. Or yell at them because you don’t like the Chair. The DNC is a COMMITTEE of 450 people. It’s fed from the state parties. And to change half of them (208 to be exact), you have to change who votes for them, through the state central committees.

Those of us that have #DemEntered are taking a crash course in party politics and winning. Because most of it, is about “showing up”. Look at Califirnia. The progressives won committee delegates by a 2 to 1 margin, just this past weekend.

The Revolution continues…

And the only viable option right now, are the Dems, as much as many of us working inside the party, dont like that.

REALISTICALLY, they still have electoral power. The Greens do not (especially in Michigan. Green party who?) Nor will they have electoral power in the near future, like for the 2018 mid-term elections, when we need to flip the Senate and make in roads in the House.

The democratic party is a vehicle, not a destination. Sounds to me, like you don’t know how to drive.

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