#DNCwalkout — THIS is what Unity looks like.

What they didn’t show you on MSM (mainstream media)

This is a repository for pictures and videos of the walkout and of some of the dissent by the Bernie delegates. I was a platform committee member for Bernie and part of the Michigan Delegation. I was not on the floor of the convention, but I was very much in solidarity, with the dissent. If I had been with my Michigan Crew, I’d have been with them in UNITY.

On Tuesday night, 7/26/16, about 900 delegates walked out, after the roll call and nomination of Hillary Clinton. That left a bunch of empty seats for Bill Clinton’s speech. So, the next two nights, they got seat fillers AND they locked them in, during Hillary’s acceptance speech on Thursday night. There was to be another walkout and #DemExit ceremony over at FDR Park. But it didn’t happen, because they would not let people leave.

Note: All of my stories, are living stories. As I find content, I add to the story and sometimes I update the stories, if there are new and interesting outcomes.

This is what I have gathered, so far, to document the #DNCwalkout…

Some delegates had their No TPP signs confiscated or were thrown out or were De-credentialed the next day.
The HRC team had the Hillary sign stashed under seats at several Bernie delegate areas. Just so they could cover up dissent like this.
My Michigan peeps! I was a committee member so not allowed on the floor. But if I was with them, I’d have been part of this dissent!
Enough is Enough t-shirts (glow in the dark, lol)

Most of the CA Bernie delegates just participated in the #DNCWalkOut in protest. California for Bernie Sanders #StandTogether

Lena Danger updated her status. July 26, 2016 10:46 pm
So as a result of the Bernie delegate walk out, they allowed people without floor access, onto the floor. Seat fillers. 
 I bet there’s lots of tight shots. No wide angles. Lol. 
 I’ll have to look later.

There are so many videos. I searched on YouTube and made a Playlist for you. 60+ Videos. Keep visiting, because I will add more videos as I find them.

Several Craigslist ads were placed to get seat fillers. And the HRC delegates held seats at 2 pm for the 4 pm gavel, to prevent Bernie delegates from getting seated or sitting in front. This mostly occurred on Wednesday and Thursday because of the walk out on Tuesday night.

Bernie Sanders Brigade
August 5 at 6:00pm
To: DNC, the media, Democrats in our local areas
 Date: Aug. 5, 2016
 From: Sanders delegates of CA, WA, OR
We represent only a few of the numerous delegates that have walked out of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) a week ago, or that protested inside the DNC last week. There is a problem in the Democratic party, and it is the divide that exists in the Party. The first step to solving the problem is to admit there is one.
Please know that those that protested or walked out of the DNC are not angry, we are not sore losers. We are intelligent, talented, dedicated, passionate, and persistent. We will not embrace your candidate out of fear-mongering and we won’t be wasting our votes on someone that we don’t trust, on someone like Hillary Clinton.
In order for there to be true unity, the DNC and Hillary Clinton cabinet need to…
 · Hold people accountable for mishandling information.
 · Stop fear mongering or guilt tripping Bernie Sanders supporters into voting for your candidate.
 · Uphold the platform that we worked together to develop at the DNC.
 · Root out corruption inside of the Democratic Party — systemic corruption, not simply pinning the blame on some figureheads.
We, the undersigned, have unity with the Democratic Party in that:
 · We believe Donald Trump is extremely dangerous. Fascism should never be allowed to take hold in this country. We encourage the Democratic effort to defeat Donald Trump.
 · We will continue to work together on the issues.
 · We commit ourselves to support down-ballot progressives and we’re excited to run for office and/or continue working at the grassroots level.
We do not feel we have the passion required to support Hillary Clinton as we did for Bernie Sanders. We are not able to expend our collective energy on campaigning and organizing for Hillary Clinton, which will be used instead on our own campaigns and on candidates that we truly believe in.
1. Nick Vaidyanathan, WA delegate, CD #9
 2. Jose Gasque, WA delegate, CD #3
 3. Dorothy Gasque, WA delegate, CD #3
 4. Adair Schmidt, WA delegate, CD #10
 5. Bryan Rivera, WA delegate, CD#8
 6. Ryan Mc Allister, WA delegate, CD #6
 7. Robert Fuentes, WA Delegate, CD #7
 8. Susan Wilmot, WA Delegate, CD #6
 9. Yulia Issa, WA Delegate, CD #10
 10. Tamborine Borrelli, WA delegate, CD #10
 11. Melissa Michelson, CA delegate, CD #27
 12. Shawnee Badger, CA delegate, CD #25
 13. Mary Yoon, CA delegate, CD #38
 14. Roberto Alvarez, CA delegate, CD #38
 15. Tommy Knox, CA delegate, CD #4
 16. Joey Aszterbaum, CA delegate, CD #36
 17. Nathalie Higley, CA delegate, CD #3
 18. Paul Huntley, CA delegate, CD #19
 19. Kacey Carpenter, CA delegate, CD #18
 20. Marlin Medrano, CA delegate, CD #29
 21. Yamina Roland, CA delegate, CD #22
 22. Jessie Mendoza, CA delegate, CD #21
 23. Marggie Castellano, CA delegate, CD#49
 24. Debra Mayes, CA delegate, CD #37
 25. Jody Feldman, CA delegate,CD #7
 26. Mary Aleece DePuey, CA delegate, CD #41
 27. Travis Traber, CA delegate, CD #42
 28. Christopher (Chris) Barroso, California delegate, CD # 49
 29. Brian Carolus, California delegate, CD #33
 30. James Albert, California delegate, CD #31
 31. Joseph Luis Piñon, California delegate, CD #44
 32. Dr. Talat Khan, California delegate, CD # 31
 33. Bernadette Gomez, California delegate, CD #38
 34. Scott Chamberlin, California delegate, CD #49
 35. Bobbi Jo Chavarria, California, CD #35
 36. Kevin Oliver, California delegate, CD #44
 37. Marcia Martin, California delegate CD #40 
 38. Alexis Edelstein California delegate, CD# 33
 39. Susan Phillips, California delegate, CD #50
 40. Nancy Kim, California delegate, CD #34
 41. Jeromey Shafer, California delegate, CD #13
 42. Mary Yoon, California delegate, CD#38
 43. Isaac Romero, California delegate, CD #47
 44. Susan George, California delegate, CD #5
 45. Ivan Enriquez, California delegate, CD #46
 46. Stephanie Marson, California delegate, CD #16
 47. Ryan Lopez, California delegate, CD #37
 48. Jestin Samson, California delegate, CD #46
 49. Michael Hsu, California delegate, CD #39
 50. Henry Huerta, California delegate, CD#38
 51. Roberta Salazar, California delegate, CD#2
 52. Noemi Tungui, California delegate, CD #30
 53. Amy Erb, California delegate, CD #12
 54. Ramona Eaton Irwin, California delegate, CD #50
 55. Monica Rizo, California delegate, CD#9
 56. Michael Fortes, California delegate, CD#13
 57. Tyler Francis Morrison, California delegate, CD #44
 58. Manuel Zapata, California delegate, CD#10
 59. Christina O’Campo, California delegate, CD #8
 60. Randall Grace, California delegate, CD #1
 61. Carole Levers, California delegate, CD #39
 62. Jonathan Hold, California delegate, CD #3
 63. Thomas Gus Peterson, California delegate, CD #14
 64. Michael Hsu, California delegate, CD #39
 65. Anne Mohr, California delegate, CD #48
 66. Timothy Knox, California delegate, CD #4
 67. Jon Luvaas, California delegate, CD #1
 68. Marleen Gillespie, California delegate, CD #45
 69. Charlotte Brandt, Oregon delegate, CD4
 70. Carol Scherer, Oregon delegate, CD4
 71. Justin Brice, Oregon delegate, CD 4
 72. Corinne Ellis, Oregon delegate, CD4
 73. Ryan Moore, Oregon delegate, CD4
 74. Chandra Paetsch, Oregon delegate, CD4
 75. Melanie Pinto, Oregon delegate, CD4
 76. Corrine Ellis, Oregon delegate, CD4
 77. Matthew Rock ,Oregon delegate, CD 2A
 78. Gerry Pare, Oregon delegate, CD2B
 79. Solea Kabako, Oregon delegate, CD 2A
 80. John Kevin Hunt, Oregon delegate, CD5
 81. Lisa Ortiz, Oregon delegate, CD5
 82. Jeremy Likens, Oregon delegate, CD1
 83. Steve Bintliff, Oregon delegate, CD1
 84. Sandra Jafarzadeh, Oregon delegate, CD1
 85. Abby Collins, Oregon delegate, CD3
 86. Melissa Pancurak, Oregon delegate, CD3
 87. Carolanne Fry, Oregon delegate, CD3
 88. Leigha LaFleur, Oregon delegate, CD3
 89. Gregory McKelvey, Oregon delegate, CD 3
 90. John Knight, Oregon delegate, CD3
 91. Nico Serra, Oregon delegate, CD3
 92. Cole Richardson, Oregon delegate, CD3
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I have a feeling many felt as I did, after the convention…so for the record, I’m with H💚R.

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