My DNC PTSD won’t allow me to participate right now…
Lena Danger

My Letter to the Michigan Dems:

I won’t be going to the Michigan Dem convention on August 27 even though I was elected as a precinct delegate. And this is why (link to article above)…

I feel I will have to bite my tongue and play nice. It’s just not in me. I am still very upset about the convention and the fact that the Democratic Party has no integrity. We are supporting the most hated candidate next to Donald Trump and the only thing the dem party can offer is fear, to motivate people to vote. I don’t support fear. And I don’t support a rigged primary process. Your denial is deafening. You are complicit, in the stealing of our democracy.

I am a decendant of slaves and I am doing just fine. Fear did not get me here. Standing up and fighting back did. I don’t want to work in the master’s house so I can get out of the field. I want my freedom. And to me it means struggling for a party that supports my conscience. Right now, that is not the Democratic Party.

Lena Thompson

Precinct 323 Dem Delegate

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