Still Berning

So, I’ve been thinking a LOT about this presidential race, since returning home from the Dem Convention in Philly (I was a member of the platform committee). And, I honestly don’t think Trump will win.

  1. this whole thing is rigged (even though they have been rigged for many years, the 2016 primary was affected by the worst election fraud, EVER).
  2. the oligarchs want Hillary to win, because she is a corporatist.

It’s been many, many years since a real policy agenda, has had OUR best interests at heart. Especially, not after the Citizen’s United ruling. The legislation of today, is written by corporatists, like ALEC.

So, in the interest of NOT supporting someone who takes donations from big money interests, I will be voting for Jill Stein. And it’s because Bernie told us, don’t listen to him, make up our own minds.

Dr. Jill is running a people-powered campaign and she is being negatively targeted by mainstream media. Hit pieces and false stories about who she is, etc.. There is also a Green Party blackout (just like the Bernie blackout, but worse). The Green Party Convention will NOT air on CSPAN…I wonder why. They aired the Libs, RNC and DNC…hmmm. Maybe they don’t want to contrast another woman candidate with Hillary? because, you know, Hillary IS the first major party female candidate. (barf)

I have no interest in being terrorized into voting for Hillary. I am not going there. AND I am not going to waste my vote, by voting 3rd party. A vote for 3rd party is a vote for 3rd party. A wasted vote, is not voting at all.

So, I’m just updating folks on where I stand, after being a part of the Dem Convention. They showed their TRUE colors to 1800+ Bernie delegates and committee members.

And I pray, that we don’t forget what happened when we go to vote in November, and that the flame is still Berning — maybe not red, but GREEN.

I’m with H💚R #JillNotHill #JillStein2016 #GreenIsTheNewBlue

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