Dropified vs Oberlo?: How To Pick The Right Dropshipping Automation App For Your eCommerce Dropshipping Business

Dropified vs Oberlo
Dropified vs Oberlo
Oberlo vs Dropified

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Dropified vs Oberlo — Have you ever thought about running your own eCommerce dropshipping business? If so, there has never been a better time, because there are so many great eCom platforms, tools, themes, extension and more to help you get up and running fast.

However, with all of these great tools to help you get up and running, there is one tool that is more critical to your dropshipping success than any other tool. And that critical tool is using a dropshipping app to power and automate most of the tasks needed to run your eCommerce store.

Now, there are a lot of dropship automation tools out there, so which one should you choose?

While there are a lot of automation apps to choose from, there are two main dropship apps that are the biggest, provide the most automation features and have the most users. Those two apps are Dropified and Oberlo, which I’ll focus on and compare more below to figure out which is the best to use.

Now, before I get into what dropshipping app to use between Dropified and Oberlo, I need to talk about what dropshipping is.

What Is Dropshipping?

As more and more people are drawn to eCommerce as a business, many are realizing just how much work it can take to get up and running.

When they look at how much money it can take to get started with just the inventory they need to invest in as well as where and how to store that inventory, then how to pack and ship that inventory in a timely and cost-efficient manner, many people start to have doubts about going the eCommerce route.

However, the ones that learn about dropshipping through their own eCommerce store quickly see how much easier it can be to get started and making money since they never have to buy and store inventory, and never have to worry about packing and shipping products.

The inventory is hands-free and you never spend money on products until someone else has already paid you.

However, just because you don’t have to worry about dealing with inventory doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot of work involved with dropshipping and lots of small tasks that need to be taken care of that can really add up the more you sell.

That’s where dropshipping automation apps come in.

What Are Dropshipping Automation Apps?

As I mentioned above, there are a ton of small but critical tasks that you need to take care of when it comes to running a dropshipping business.

These tasks include, but are not limited to:

  • Importing products into your stores, including product images, descriptions and pricing.
  • Changing the product pricing based on how much you want to make on each sale.
  • Placing orders your customers have made from your store with the supplier that will fulfill your product sales.
  • Sending order receipts to your customers after they order.
  • Sending tracking numbers for each order to your customers.
  • Managing product bundles from multiple suppliers and that need multiple tracking numbers and receipts.
  • Keeping track of inventory levels and price changes.

and the list goes on…

These are all small but critical tasks, and while you no longer have to deal with putting out money ahead of time for inventory or having to store pack or ship products, you do still have to make sure all these important tasks are taken care of. That’s where dropshipping automation apps come in, because the best ones automate a lot of these tasks for you.

Now, instead of doing a feature-by-feature comparison of Dropified versus Oberlo since they have so many similar features, let’s look at how they are different.

Platforms Each App Can Integrate With:

Dropified easily integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, CommerceHQ and GrooveKart. Dropified also works with bigger sites like eBay and Amazon and dozens of other supplier sites as well. That gives drop shippers a lot more platform options to choose from so they are not just stuck with Shopify.

Oberlo only integrates with Shopify, so if you want to use Wordpress (WooCommerce) to power your site or you want to work with suppliers other than AliExpress, you’re out of luck.

AliExpress Research Software:

Dropified offers its users a special AliExpress research tool called AliExtractor. AliExtractor is the #1 tool on the market for finding top-selling AliExpress products to sell. Find products, view product reviews, save your favorite searches, compare prices and more with this powerful Chrome extension.

Oberlo does not currently offer any product research software for its users.

High-Speed Captcha Solver:

When you go to place orders on AliExpress in order to fulfill your customers' orders, AliExpress will display a Captcha popup that you need to solve first so they know you are not a robot. It’s quick and easy to solve them by hand when you’re only placing a few orders per day. However, once you start selling dozens, to hundreds to thousands of products per day, the captcha solver will save you hours each week, not to mention you won’t have to be chained to your computer all day solving them for each order.

Dropified has this powerful feature built-in and available to all users, regardless of plan.

Oberlo only offers its Captchas Solver to their Pro users.

Auto Place Orders:

When you sell a lot of products every day, the time it takes to place each order can really add up, and you’ll also have a lot of order windows open in AliExpress, not to mention that AliExpress can flag your account because their system may think fraud is taking place. When this happens, it can trip their Captcha system, requiring you to solve dozens or even hundreds of Captchas, which is time-consuming and annoying.

Dropified allows you to work around this with their auto place order button option that allows you to place these orders in the background, keeping yo form having to solve tons of Captchas and not flagging the AliExpress anti-fraud system.

Oberlo does not offer an auto place order option.

Customer Support Phone System:

Recent tests have shown that by offering a local or toll-free phone number on your store or landing page, your conversion rates can increase by as much as 6%.

Yes, just having a phone number helps customers to feel more comfortable in wanting to do business with you.

But as a business owner, just having a phone number can lead to a lot more time being taken up answering calls, directing people to different departments or team members, etc.

That’s why having a full-service telephone system that automates everything is much better and offers theist of both worlds — increased customer trust and spending, and fewer tasks for you to manage.

Dropified has addressed this need and offers its users access to a full-service telephone service called CallFlex. This system offers everything you need to create an amazing call platform that allows customers to leave voicemail messages, forward calls and more.

Oberlo does not offer a Customer Support Phone System.

Auto Place Order for Bundled Products:

One way to increase that amount you make in each transaction is to combine multiple products together as one bundle for sale.

The potential issue with product bundling though is being able to fulfill each product in the bundle at the same time since more than likely, each product will come from a different vendor.

That means multiple tracking numbers and multiple purchases across multiple vendors that must all be handled by your software while providing a seamless experience for your buyers.

Dropified not only allows for product bundling, but it also allows for auto placing of orders through multiple vendors, and your customer will never know the difference.

While Oberlo allows for bundled products, they do not offer auto placing of those orders, so Oberlo users must manually order each product in the bundle, making for a much more time consuming and tedious fulfillment process.

Why Dropified Is A Better Choice For Dropshippers

While both Dropifie and Oberlo automate a lot of the day-to-day tasks of ordering and fulfilling your customers' purchases, only Dropified is able to handle most of these processes, while Oberlo is clearly missing a lot of critical automation tasks.

Those missing automation features mean that Oberlo will cost you a lot of time and money trying to keep up with your orders.

Dropified, on the other hand, takes all these tasks off your plate, allowing you to focus more on growing your business.

As a result, Dropified is the clear winner when it comes to automating almost every part of your dropshipping business, allowing you to focus on growing and scaling your business.

So What Suppliers Does Dropified Work With?

Now that you know some of what Dropified can do to make your life easier, let’s look at the various supplier sites that Dropified integrates with early so that you never have to worry about where to find good suppliers and products to sell.

The bigger sites that Dropified works with are AliExpress, eBay, Amazon and even Walmart. However, there are dozens more sites that offer millions more products that you can easily search and import products from quickly and easily.

Dropified suppliers that have 1-Click Importing integration:

  • AliExpress
  • Alibaba
  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Tmart
  • DHGate
  • SammyDress
  • Overstock
  • Banggood
  • Etsy
  • Wish
  • Walmart
  • Costco
  • Blinq
  • Groupon
  • LA Showroom
  • Shineon
  • Sunfrog
  • Fashion Go
  • Kmart
  • Grandinroad
  • OpticsPlanet.com
  • Tmall
  • Wanelo
  • Taobao
  • Target
  • Gearbest
  • PartyCity
  • Bed Bath And Beyond
  • WayFair
  • Not on the High Street
  • All Star Health
  • Qvc
  • StaplesVat19
  • TurnOverSinc
  • GMarket
  • WholeSale Central
  • Childrens Place
  • Fast Tech
  • WholeSale Vapor
  • Capella Flavors
  • SheIn
  • Pro Flowers
  • Dog Supplies
  • Rose Wholesale
  • Wedding Factory Direct
  • NovaTech Wholesale
  • 1688
  • Hexin Lingerie
  • snapdeal
  • Flipkart
  • Tomtop
  • Bangalla
  • Thinkgeek
  • Tanga
  • Fancy
  • JDS Marketing
  • SvornLazada
  • Nina Designs
  • Bigbuy
  • Cj Dropship
  • Giti Online
  • Light in the Box
  • Mini in the Box
  • New Frog
  • Tinydeal
  • LightTake
  • Geekbuying
  • Cb2
  • Perigold
  • LTD Commodities
  • Macy’s
  • Bloomingdales
  • Shopbop
  • Nordstrom
  • Rhmodern
  • Sephora
  • Rosegal
  • Planetmetee
  • All Modern
  • Doba
  • Ruby Imports
  • Creative Market

How Is Dropified Customer Support?

No software is perfect, and Dropified is no exception. What does make Dropified exceptional though, is the customer support Dropified provides. Dropified not only give you several options to reach their support team such as email, chat and Facebook Messenger — they also respond quickly and thoroughly.

In addition to the excellent Dropified support team, they also provide a ton of tutorials and how-to videos that show you how to use each feature.

And if that wasn’t enough, Dropified also provides hours and hours worth of training videos on how to set up and run a profitable dropshipping business. The Dropified online business training is broken down into easy to follow modules and you simply search them for the topic you want to learn more about. I’ve seen way less helpful courses sell for thousands of dollars, and Dropified gives them to their users for free as part of their Dropified account.

How Much Is Dropified To Use?

Dropified offers two pricing options to choose from AFTER you start your free 14 day trial.

The two options are:

Builder Plan — For $47 per month, you receive support for 1 Store, 15,000 Products, 50 Product Boards, UNLIMITED Orders per month, 5 Users, and all of the primary features provided in Dropified.

Premier Plan — For $127 per month, you get support for 5 Stores, 50,000 Products, 250 Product Boards, UNLIMITED Orders per month, 25 Users, Advanced Profit Dashboard, Zapier Integration, Unlimited High-Speed Captcha Solver, CallFlex, TubeHunt and all of the primary Dropified features.

Based on the hours and hours of tasks that Dropified automates that other dropship apps do NOT automate, Dropified easily pays for itself multiple times in saved time, money and headaches.

Who Should Use Dropified?

If you are serious about running a successful dropshipping business, you want to automate everything you can, and you want as much flexibility as possible on what platforms and suppliers you can integrate with.

If that’s the case, then Dropified is by far the best and most complete choice. If you’re just dipping your toe in the dropship waters, then Dropified can be a slightly pricier option to start with. However, if you have the budget, I do recommend to get started with Dropified so that you know you have the best dropship automation app on the market working hard for you.

After all, if you start with a different app to save money, you are unintentionally costing yourself a ton of money, time and headaches because you’ll be working with may less automation, and you’ll find yourself stuck in another J.O.B. with all the mundane, daily tasks you’ll have to manage every day.

I hope you liked my honest Dropified review, you can check it here and see for yourself if you find it helpful.

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