Twitter Is Using Account Verification To Stifle Leaks And Promote War Propaganda
Caitlin Johnstone

Brilliant article. Thank you for the chart showing who owns Twitter.

This is what I see from my TD Ameritrade account:

I am given the number “% Held by Institutions 44.46.”

However, I can find no further details about these institutions. This is missing information that I would very much like to know. I would like to see a chart on my trading account that resembles the TWTR chart you provided in your article. I am a consumer but my demand for a service — I am willing to pay — is not being addressed by the free markets. Because, we really do not have free markets. (Those who oppose capitalism should keep in mind we do not have a true capitalist system anymore than Lenin had a true communist system).

Who owns AMTD?

I have many tabs of information to choose from, but the tab I most fervently desire is never listed: Familial Connections Network of Leadership/Owners.

Power can be understood by a graph of nodes (people) and lines drawn connecting nodes if there is a blood kinship, or kinship through marriage. Include the companies in which the individuals exert influence, and the system of power is complete.

I am convinced our century resembles, in essence, the 17th century when monarchies ruled the world.

Statistical analysis of surname distribution from any large company’s internal email listing will likely reveal anomalies. Perhaps, an usually high number of employees with the same surname as one of the large division heads. I actually did this while working at GE. The results were shocking. (GE would surely sue me if I revealed this information, so I better not).

I have never seen an episode of the popular program, “Game of Thrones.” I assume the show is about monarchies and machiavellian machinations. The real “Game of Thrones” is far more interesting, impacts our daily lives, and is actively being hidden from our eyes.

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